Need some advice.

I am getting married on the 9th August and we would like to try for baby as soon as possible. I came off the pill about 3 months ago and my af has come back very regular every 28days. When is the ideal time to conceive. Is it before your AF is due or after.


  • If the first day of your period is day 1, then you will ovulate on day 14ish. So a few days either side could be fertile.
  • Hi August2008,
    The best time to BD (have sex) to conceive is a couple of days before ovulation. Ovulation occurs 12-16 days before your AF, regardless of how long your cycle is. So therefore I would suggest you should BD from day 10 to day 16 if you have a regular 28 day cycle. If you can, do it every day (on days 10-16) or at least every other day.
    Good luck with the ttc and the wedding! xxx
  • Hi August2008, As the other posts say, bd around cd 14 at least every other day.
    Best of luck with the wedding!!!

  • So if AF is due on the 14th of August its 10-16 days after this that i should be trying.
  • If af arrives on the 14th then you should ov around the 28th. Sometimes ov happens a couple of days either side of this so bd from maybe 24th to 31st to be sure you catch it!! Try they've got a calander on there to help.

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