Back from Doctors...

OMG, Am in shock - GP was SOOOOO lovely.

I didn't have to demand tests for PCOS - she said about doing them before I even had to ask. She even emailed a Gynae after my last appointment to ask if she can prescribe Metformin herself, dosage etc (am 99% sure they will say no but am so touched that she asked)

So, am going to have the cd 2-5 and cd 21 tests (although I am having cd 21 test at cd 30 as I ov'd at day 35 last time), plus have to book ovarian scan for about a months time. Still a bit frustrating to have to wait for af as that could be months away but am so relieved that someone is FINALLY listening to me. She said if no af in 3 months to go back and they will probably just do the tests anyway.

Hurray! x


  • Thats brilliant news BabyB, you must be over the moon that something is finally being done!

    What a difference a FEMALE doc makes, eh?!

    Good luck, and keep us updated on your progress. It all sounds good! xxx

  • That's great news, I'm so pleased for you. Sounds like you are on your way to a bfp.

  • Excellent news for you honey - am dead chuffed xxx
  • oh honey thats great news its such a great feeling to feel like some1 is actually listening to you and going to do something to help!!
  • Totally Lilac - I can't believe how much better I feel and nothing has really been done yet! Feel like I have been given something to be positive about and look forward to after the mc. I am loving my gp today!

    Although give it a while and I will loose this first glow and be moaning about lack of af meaning tests can't start!! Even once af arrives I have to wait 30 days - ie and entire month - for the cd 21/30 test.
    Oh well, at the mo am just so grateful she finally listened.
    It was like the penny FINALLY dropped that my IDENTICAL twin has it, as does my paternal aunt and my paternal grandmother has type 2 diabetes which pcos can lead onto - so it's pretty much 100% likely I have it.
    We have only been ttc since March so at least once all the tests have been done we will have been ttc long enough for them to hopefully agree to treat it (apparently they often refer to fertility clinic after 6 months if there is a known limit to fertility, rather than make you wait for the 1 year they usually say)

    Fingers crossed we are both sorted soon. xxx
  • great news babyb - hope time flies for you and you get your bfp soon!!
  • really really pleased for you hun - have been thinking about you today image
    will reply to email later image xxx
  • That's fantastic, BabyB - makes we want to rush to my doctors now! But no time this week image Anyway, let's hope af shows her face soon for you. xx
  • Manicmiz - if I were you I would go to your docs.
    It took me FIVE visits, 2 different gp's, and a mc before they listened to me. So go asap, and then even if they won't do anything yet, at least it will be on your records that you have asked and they will hopefully do something later on even if they won't immediately.
    I think they are probably only looking into mine as I pestered them so much that they realised I wouldn't shut up until they did something! xx
  • This sounds really positive Baby B, lets hope they get it all sorted for you.
    I'm off to the docs in a bit as my hormone results were at zero on day 21 last month, fingers crossed he's as nice about it as yours!
    Good luck getting your bfp

    zoe xx
  • Does that mean you didn't ov then?
    Hope it goes well. Good luck xxx
  • Yeah I'm ammusing that's what it means. I'm going to complain too, when I phoned up the nurse was so rude to me and just basically said, well I don't know what you want to know, your levels are zero so obviously theres a huge problem. It's more the way she said it to me, no compassion at all! Some just don't care much do they?!

    How long have you been ttc?
  • OMG, that is so out of order.
    I have come across soooo many rude people recently - I had a mmc a couple of weeks ago and when I called the local EPU to ask what to do they hung up on me. I was horrified. Going to write to complain I think. The same EPU also lost one of my blood tests, then lost ALL my notes and then gave me the wrong blood test result so I thought my hormone levels were worse than they were. It was appaling.

    Anyway, we haven't been ttc for that long. Since March. First cycle off pill was 49 days - BUT amazingly, and unexpectedly, I ov'd and conceived! Unfortunately had mmc as I said.
    My identical twin has pcos and needed Metformin to conceive/stay pg. I had all the symptoms before going on pill, and they are starting to appear again since coming off so have been begging gp to test me since Feb (before I even came off the pill!)

    How about you? x
  • Flipping hec that's awful the way they've treated you, no wonder you're over the moon now! It baffles me why some people choose these professions if they're not the caring type?!

    Sorry to hear about the mmc, lets hope you don't have to wait too long to get your sticky bfp.

    We've been ttc for 12 months now, hence the tests. Doesn't help the oh has low mobility and hardly any fast swimmers, we'll get there one day i'm sure! pma and all that!
  • Yes, we will both get there.
    Sorry about your oh's swimmers. Is he taking supplements etc to help. You prob know this already but apparently not drinking alcohol or caffeine can really help.
    I have had my oh on a multi vitamin for 4 months, and he hasn't had a drop of alcohol/caffeine in that time either (his choice, not my demands!) xx
  • Yeah I've put him on zinc and a multi vitamin. He's pretty healthy anyway so don't really need to pester him too much on that front image Just come back from the doctors, got to see a gynae person in a month. Not really sure what to expect!

    I'm thinking (and hoping) our bfp's are just round the corner!
  • Do zinc supplements help the levels of swimmers then? My oh has average numbers but the low side of average (was tested when he went through IVF with his 1st wife) and after holiday hes giving up drinking and smoking (Woohoo) as they will help. Hes also stopped hot baths and is wearing baggy pants! Bless him haha!
  • Good luck BabyB. metformin helped me along with other things so I hope you get it prescribed asap.
  • Carrie&Big, I read somewhere that zinc helps. They do a proper pill for men who are ttc and that has zinc and the other vitamins in too. Would hurt for your hubby to take them!
    lol at the big pants, my oh doing the same bless. x
  • Thats gr8 news BabyB that they are looking at you and hopefully get you sorted soon. Good luck.
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