I need my husband back!!! (and a CM Q!)

I can't cope without hubby! :cry:
Got home to a mahoosive leak in the spare bedroom and don't know what to do! My Mummy and Daddy aren't even around to help! I rang the insurance company and they are closed until tomorrow and my brother is such a wuss he couldn't help either!

To top that off - I think I am about to ovulate!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a negative on an OPK today but have got some CM!!!!!!!! Does anyone get this more than once around their ovulation period???

I don't want to ovulate until hubby is back on Thursday night!!!

waaaaahhh its all going wrong!!!!!!1 :cry: :cry: :cry:


  • Oh Joo!!!!! Oh no....
    Sorry not much help on the house front, does your insurance have an emergency telephone number to call? I hate house stress!!!!!!!!!!
    Well...maybe you won't ov until tomorrow and then you will still be able to catch it on Thursday. Good luck!x
  • where r u i'm married to a plumber? or turn all ur taps on will drain tank no moreleak...can u tell i'm married to a plumber?! as 4 if its just cm u could be okay, even if u get a pos on sticks its still 24/26 hrs 4 ov.
  • Thanks for the offer Lilac, I'm in Hampshire! But I think its a leaky roof / window as its the window area that is leaking.
    I rang the insurers emergency no just now - not enough of an emergency!!! image

    I just want Rich home!!!

  • (((((((big hug hun)))))))
  • hey Mrs Joo - my husband is away as well - luckily ( in one respect) i am on CD2 and he is back on Sunday - i sthis your first month of using OPKs im thinking of trying them this month as i need to know i do OV due to a lack of cm the last 2 months

    Rb x
  • Awwwww Mrs Joo. Typical isn't it. Don't worry about CM. You can get it a good few days before you actually ovulate. Its meant to keep the sperm nourished so that they can survive for up to five days whilst they wait for the egg, so it has to come a good few days before ovulation ( another example of how much men rely on us!!!!). What CD are you on ?
  • Thanks MrsFox - that's good to hear! Definitely had CM last night but it wasn't the proper EWCM stuff I have gotten in the past just yet... got stomach cramps so I'm sure I'm about to ovulate in the next few days! I'm on CD11 of approx. 26-days cycle so fingers crossed when hubby is back tomorrow night we will catch it!!!

    Runningbird - that's exactly why I went out and bought on OPK... last month was our first real month of trying (we tried the month before but were too late in my cycle)... I didn't get any CM at all around my ovulation period and I always have noticed it before - and months and months ago, even used to wonder what it was as I had no idea it was connected to ovulation!!! So on CD14 last month when I still hadn't seen any CM, I POA OPK and got a positive result, but still no pregnancy! So this month I have used the OPK correctly and started PO them yesterday - CD10 (which was negative as expected).

    I'll see how this month goes but probably won't carry on using them. It was more a 'peace of mind' thing as I was worried I wasn't ovulating even though I thought I was. They're too expensive as well!!!

    Claire - hubby is up in Telford at some pet food trade show!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    The rain wasn't as bad during the night but has picked up again this morning. Trouble is I work in Guildford - 30mins from home so I don't know what the rain is like at home! Going to call the insurance company this morning again!

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