Cystitis (and finally got my peaks)

Hello ladies

Finally this Saturday and Sunday I got my two peaks on the CBFM. I was so thrilled and relieved that they were just late (although a bit miffed that my cycles seem to be getting longer).

We bd'ed on Saturday morning and late Saturday night and again last night. I did the usual legs up against the wall for an hour afterwards but yesterday after 15 minutes I had this awful burning sensation down before which I can only describe as the onset of cystitis. It hurt so much that I had to get out of bed immediately and go to the loo. All through the night I've been up and down to the toilet, going loads but afterwards feeling like I'm desperate to go again - so cystitis but without the awful burning pain when I wee. I've had hardly any sleep but thankfully it seems to have eased off this morning.

Now I've had cystitis before but not for about five years so goodness knows what brought it on this time. Has anyone had anything similar?

Unfortunately hubby is away with work tonight so we've done all that we can this cycle.

Please, please please let me get a Christmas bean! xx


  • Ah Chickchoo that sucks (yay for the peaks though!)
    I've heard a couple of ladies on here say that not going to the loo after bd'ing at night has done the same to them.
    Hope you're feeling better soon, good luck for that Christmas bean! x
  • Thank you MrsFozz. It seems to have cleared up now. Phew! x
  • Chickychoo

    Glad you are feeling so much better. It's awful isn't it?! I had cystitus a couple of weeks back. I could only possibly put this down to too much bd'ing. Apparently you are supposed to go to the toilet before and after bd'ing. However going to the loo straight after bd'ing is no good surely when ttc?? I'm keen not to get another bout of this but at the same time not jeapordise my chances of conceiving.

    does anyone know if you HAVE to stay laying down after for about 20 minutes in order to conceive. Really confused on this issue image
  • Sorry to hear about that ChickyChoo but glad you're feeling better!!

    CheekyChimp - I don't think that there is anything that definitely proves you HAVE to stay lying down, I have read some articles that recommend lying with legs up for 15-20 mins but there are clearly lots of perople that don't do it - all the 'accidents' that happen for example. I don't think any of the teenagers that accidentally get pregnant lie there with their legs up afterwards so I think if it's going to happen it probably will anyway...and I have also read that all the little swimmers make their way immediately to the safety of the cervix literally within seconds so they are already on their journey and going to the toilet wouldn't make a difference. Saying that I can't help thinking that it must give them a little helping hand by lying there so I do it anyway, hehe...

  • I think you're right Trixie85. It just feels so wrong to drop the 'babies off' and then tip them about 10 minutes later.

    I've been trying to research it myself today and have seen mixed views.
  • Thanks Trixie. I guess you're right about the "accidents" example. Well, what I intend to do is just put a pillow under me bum afterwards and have a little 10 minute cuddle in the "afterglow" before going to the loo. I do use pre-seed too so I'm doing everything I can to ensure that they stay up there or have the easiest means of travel!!

    Btw, just loving all of our rude veg avatars. It certainly lightens the mood after all the stresses of ttc!!! image
  • Yea that's what I do, normally about 15mins with a pillow under me!!

    The rude veg is great isn't it, it always makes me smile when I see them. I'm sure it must help because half of the ttc battle is about being relaxed, and if the avatars make us laugh then we're on the right road to getting our BFPs!!!.x.
  • Hey trixie85, they make me giggle too. That's why I thought I'd start a campaign to get them back again. I've been on here since April and most of the rude fruit ladies have their BFPs now, fingers crossed that they do the same trick for us. x
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