Fingers crossed for you hunny. Have you always had a short lunetal phase ? Noticed on one of your other posts that you are 11 dpo and due af yesterday.


  • Hi!

    No, my luteal phase appears to be getting shorter over the last few months - or so I thought... Ladyinpink did some research for me and apparantely your LP always stays the same so perhaps I am ovulating earlier than I think I am??? Its all so confusing!

    AF was due yesterday but I'm trying not to get excited and just thinking that its my body playing tricks on me!

    Would love to be wrong, but I have no PMA and am just not convinced!

    How are you???
  • I have a 24 day cycle and only have a 10 day day luteal phase. This cycle though i ov 5 days late i think down to my first course of accupuncture.

    Who would think ttc could be so difficult.
  • I know. They tell you not to get stressed but it totally is stressful - vicious circle!!!
  • When are you next going to test if af does not show her ugly face
  • Probably not until mid next week - I've ran out of tests apart from my CBDs - got a Dr's appointment on Thursday to discuss my luteal phase concerns and if no AF by then, will ask her for a blood test. She is a FAB Dr so I hope she will agree.
    You watch, I won't get that far and AF will arrive tomorrow or just to tease me, on Thursday morning!!!
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