Help advice needed!!

Hi guys wanted some input and other peeps opinion. Have been ttc since march, and my cycle seems pretty short (23 days). Felt quite positive this month had some spotting last week about 7 DPO and had thought it might be implantation. Still had the pain on sunday so did test but I got BFN.
Then on monday bang on day 23 AF came much heavier, but now today it's all stopped again:\?
Do you think I should count monday as CD1, am not sure, got some OPK's and was going to start using them it says on instructions from day 6 if you got 23 day cycle so that would be sunday. am just not sure wots goin on. Does it really count if it only lasts 48 hours?
Also don't want to sound stupid but if your cycle is a short 23 days are you less likely to be ovulating??
Thanks for any advice you got, did try to chat to DH but he just thinks I am stressing and says it will happen!!


  • hey hun sorry to hear of the confusion. how long do your AFs normally last? maybe if it was heavier then it all came out in one go rather than over a few days (not sure if that is a medical reason it is probably just me saying that!). i would count monday as CD1.

    with regards to whether you are ovulating or not - have you had ov signs in the past? if your cycles are 23 days then strictly speaking you would ov around CD9 so i would look for any signs around then.

    sorry can't be of much use, didn't want to read and run

    good luck hun xxx
  • Hi.

    CD 1 is from the first red blood of af. So if that is what you had on Monday, that is CD 1. Sometimes af can stop, but may restart again. Otherwise you could have just had a really short bleed.
    I don't know if you have recently come off the pill, but it doesn't help!

    As mrs_e says, you usually have a 10-14 days luteal phase, which is after ov. So anywhere form day 9-13 ish you should have ov, with such regular cycles. xx

  • thanks for the advice. MY cycles normally last 5 - 6 days so it was shorter. Hav'nt been on the pill for over a year. Think I will take the advice that I should ov round about day 9 - 13 so think I will start with the opk's around day 6 as suggested. Lets hope things settle and become clearer
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