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Hello there I just wanted some advice really, Ive got 3 wonderful children, and would now like to add another addition to our family, but last year I had a very scary experiance with an ectopic pregnancy an emergency operation and now only one tube. So I had the depo injection and have had that for about 10 months. The time feels right for us now but, how long should we wait until we try? my next depo would of been due April 23rdish. Should we wait until my periods are back on an even keel, or just go for it in May! I do realise that its not going to be easy after everything.:\?


  • hi i found that as soon as i didnt have my depo i came on as normal the month they where due so i say go for it good luck x x x
  • Hi Mumma, I don't know anything about depo. Just wanted to say good luck!! xxxx
  • Thank you anitarose and candygirl for your support! I guess we should just go for it!!
  • Hiya
    My advice would be just to go for it.
    It took over 2 years for my periods to return after Depo but I fell pregnant after my first bleed in 11 years! The Depo works on an accumulative effect and takes a while to get out of the system though if you've only been on it for 3 or 4 cycles your periods might not take as long as mine to return!
    Good luck!
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