Cd 61 .......

And on 4th day of spotting! It's like nothing then a little then nothing!! Really getting on my nerves now!! Keep getting the pains to suggest full flow maybe here but no!


Sorry to rant but it's really getting me down now!! Just want to
know where I am!



  • argh BE ate my reply!!

    moan away chick id be just as pissed you deserve it xxx

    hopefully you get answers soon xxx
  • Wonder if theres like an AF dance we can do? You know, like a rain dance? To try and encourage her...
  • I wonder!! Have been dancing around to the music channel whilst washing up so fingers crossed it will work!! Lol!

    Been to gym tonight and man I hurt!!!!

  • Haha, I haven't been to the gym and I still hurt! Threw my back out last week and don't think its fully recovered yet. Trying to take it easy but with dh away so much at the minute its not easy with a toddler!! x
  • godaamit your body is really messing you about, its just nasty. I had no idea you were still in limbo.
    :lol: about an AF dance! I know its tmi but i always noticed that once i (say it in the nicest way poss) opened my bowels that usually forced it out abit. :lol:

  • I am trying anything to bring it on more! Grrr!!
    God knows the cramps hurt enough!!!
    Yesterday i thought it was going to be the day but it amounted to nothing!!
  • Poor you, must be so fed up at this point!
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