First 2ww of ttc no 2

eeek - well we did the deed all last week and this weekend - every other day without fail. I think I ov'd last Friday soooo Im very excitedly waiting to see what happens!! We're just going with the flow this time - bd every other day - no ov kits no cbfm no temp charting - just plain old bd'ing!!

We would be immensly happy and sooo lucky if it happens this month - and a blessing not having to wait - so keeping my fingers firmly crossed!! image Full of PMA



  • Good luck hun, fingers crossed for you xx
  • good luck - we're working on #2 too!
  • Good luck fingers crossed x
  • I'm on the 2ww as well! good luck to you!

    baby dust xx
  • also on 2ww although not had much sex this month, have had incresed cm the past few days though image xx
  • Hi Amber-Lou's-Mum!

    I OVed last Friday too! I'm always sooooooo relieved when I see that temp rise so I know my body is working properly! :lol:

    I'm 4DPO today and I have a really heavy cold so I think that might mask any other symptoms and hopefully stop me going mad symptom spotting!

    I'm going to test on 20th if my temps stay high and AF stays away. When are you testing? xx
  • Hey girls!
    Well you still hav a chance even with not much bding, were only doing it every other day, it worked for us last time. image
    Im trying my best not to symptom spot but im so excited so its hard not to. I will be testing on the 19th i think so ill be 14dpo, I got my bfp last time at 14 dpo.
    Good luck all 2ww'ers
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