ok not been done for a while

where is everyone from.xxx

im from scotland.xx


  • Hi angel100 I am from Cumbria *waves hiya*

  • I'm from Nottinghamshire image

    **waves like a lunatic** xx
  • hello "waving back", am i right in saying your not far from scotland.xx
  • Good one, I live in a little town in Derbyshire near Buxton (only 40 mins from Manchester). BUT, I was born in Ireland, and moved to Slough when I was 5yrs old, I moved up this way in 1999!!
  • hi bb ive got family in nottingham.xxx

    dotty youve moved around nearly as much as me only thing is ive only moved around scotland.lolxxx
  • :lol: Angel!

    I lived on the Isle Of Man for a little while when I was a teenager but thats as far as I've gone :lol:

    Dotty my mum lived in Buxton for a while when she was younger x
  • Hi ladies,
    I'm from sunny Shropshire xx
  • bb we love isle of man going on hols next year.xxx
  • Oh and Angel my brothers gf is from Scotland but they live in Oxford x
  • small world really aint it.xx
  • Hi Angel yes not far where abouts in Scotland am an hour away from Carlisle if youve heard of it and an hr away from Keswick.

    I love the Isle of Man we went every year when we were kids with my parents and one year ended up staying the full summer because my dad kept on making us sleep in and miss the ferry..............so not funny though because I had to go round all the hotels and B&B's seeing if they had any rooms left because we were kicked out on street.

    I have very fond memories of the Isle of Man xx
  • Heheh! I posted one like this a few weeks ago - I'm from Swansea, DH is from County Durham but we live in London - for now!!! xx
  • Hello all

    Im in sunny Plymouth currently but originally from Bournemouth


  • my hubby has too hun. we're up in ayrshire but know where you are.xxx
  • hi girls "waves" just trying to get rid of the "bad post" and being nosey at the same time.lol.xxx
  • Hey Ladies! imageimage

    I am from Wiltshire, living in Somerset xx
  • Hey Broodybeth, my best friend lives in Newark (if you know it) so i'm often over that way, I've had a few drunken nights out there!! :lol: And Buxton is lovely, I'm a city girl originally, grew up 20 miles from London, but i love it up here so much that i don't think i'll ever go back!! image

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  • Ah frillypink I keep asking OH if he can try to get some work in Canada so we can go and live there for a year or two, a friends OH did that but went wothout her. He keeps saying it'll be freezing but wrapped up in big jumpers and Uggs sat by a fire with a warm drink and cuddles just seems like a lovely thought :\)

    Don't shatter my illusions though please :lol: xx
  • FrillyPink - Where abouts in N.Ireland were you livin? All my family are in Northern Ireland xx
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