Hot flushes!

I'm not sure what's going on! AF due tommorrow but not really got any signs of it arriving AND unusually I keep having really hot flushes!! Anyone who's been pregnant befroe had flushes as a symptom??

Northy xxx


  • Cant say i have had flushes.... i had dizzyness and quite hot all the time for a few days. How often are your flushes??

  • They are worse when at work - I had to get them to put the aircon on in the office today which is really unusual! I usually hate the aircon even when it's 30 degrees outside! So odd infact that one of my colleagues jokingly asked if I was pregnant!image They are coming randomly and now I think about it I am hotter than usual all the time at the moment aside from the actual flushes! I think I will poas 1st thing tomorrow!
  • good luck testing tomorrow hun! let us know! xx
  • Good luck hun let us know how you get on x
  • Thanks girls - will hopefully have some good news tomorrow!

  • I too got hot flushes a couple of days before I got my BFP, good luck!!
  • well im feeling much hotter than i usually do, im typically a cole person so when im leaving the house without a coat my ubbys like...are you feeling alrite!!!! im due to poas on thursday 10th. we will see!!
  • Hi Northy - yes they are a sign of pg! They are a sign of high progesterone levels - I know this because I take Clomid to help me ov and I have hot flushes with them! Fingers crossed for you hun - hope it's a BFP!

  • Well I tested this morning as AF due today and BFN image AF still not showing any signs of arriving yet though so trying to keep the PMA going!!
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