one born every minute...

.... is on again tonight! image not sure I can stand to watch the whole series, or whether my nerves can take it, but I'll be watching tonight! x


  • lol, ill be watching too. quite enjoyed last
  • Ive put a reminder on my freeview, although will be watchihng it on C4+1 after the brits image xx
  • I have it set for series record as watching the Brits!

    Child birth isn't as bad as it looks! It's totally worth it in the end with the outcome! I don't think that we would have more than one child if it was that bad! Lol!

  • I'm really intrigued about the whole process...not sure anything could put me off this! image x x
  • I watched the last one on 4oD this afternoon - can't believe how childish that bloke was being (you know, the one who brought his son along, like WTF?!) - especially the part where he tried to lock his wife into the toilet - what a git!! It was very interesting to watch, and nowhere near as graphic as the programmes you see on Discovery. I doubt I will be watching tonight's episode tonight - think it would traumatise hubby - but I will deffo be watching it at some point.
  • can't watch it mainly because hubby is watching the football but i no it'll make me ball like a baby, like most baby related things atm!
  • I agree the hubby was an absolute idiot! He was making me angry so what she must of thought! I thought the son being there was a bit insppropriate but that's just my opinion!
  • Yeah I can't believe the son was there, or the prat of a hubby!!

    Not all childbirth is like that, I promise! Having been there and done it once before, I can tell you all that it is a wonderful experience - yes, I know it is different for every woman, but I thoroughly loved giving birth as crazy as that sounds! Knowing I was moments away from holding my baby in my arms...sorry!! Gushing now and very broody!!

    I'll shut up now...
  • I loved it last week and thought realistic (am a mom already although had a c section in the end but laboured for a bit). I thought I knew it all and knew evrything about child birth, read loads did the classes but nothing prepares you for the pain!!! Can't believe I want to do it again (and even want to try for a vag birth!!)
    Let's see what we all think of the show in a bit. I too will cry!!
  • Damn it I can't sky plus it oh is sky plussing some blokey prgramme I suppose the sky box could have a little technical failure............... He he x
  • Im really embarassed to admit, that I think my OH would be a git aswell messing about with all the equipment etc BUT he would get a bitch slap from me lol xxx
  • I love programmes like this! I found giving birth not as bad as I thought...honest! Each birth is different tho! I remember the midfwife examining me and just telling me I was about to have my baby lol. She didn't think I was really in labour I was so calm. I still remember the look on her face! xxx
  • am crying already!!!! That 20 yr old girl's partner looks a right waste of space...discuss
  • Same here JFP. Knew I was in labour as the pains were there, but it was so surreal, didn't really hit home until she told me to start pushing!! And then I was too busy to think about it! Lol.

    I loved giving birth, was absolutely fantastic experience. My labour was really short though; woke up with contractions at half midnight, gave birth at half nine (first child as well!) so I might think differently if I'd had a long labour. Yes there was pain but it was a good pain, and can't wait for baby number 2!!

    So I said I'd shut up! :lol:
  • that 20 year old is actually really annoying me! she's getting on like a prat, yes she's in pain but c'mon!! there's no need to be getting on like that at the midwives!
  • I I found giving birth not as bad as I thought...honest!

    Same here. It was an emergency in the end as dd's heart rate sky dived, and I blacked out so can't remember the actual birth but I felt it went very well. Midwives kept meeting with me to discuss the 'traumatic birth' and I kept responding 'what traumatic birth?'. I think if you have a positive attitude going through it seems a lot better.
  • I'm glad her mum's put her in her place! I haven't been through it, so I shouldn't be so judgemental, but I'm finding her hilarious! It's when the midwife said, "Only 3 cm!" I did feel a bit sorry for her. Maybe she should adopt the next 3 that she said she wanted...
  • now I feel sorry for her, hope the babys ok..
  • Oh I am about 15 mins behind everyone, had to pause it, so now I feel bad cos of what you've said Huni!
  • Oh no!! Now I do feel really bad. She must be terrified.
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