Been to docs and.......

Hi girls,
Well just got back from Docs and he is sending me for more blood tests. At least he didn't send me off and tell me to come back in 6 months or something!! Anyway, gotta ring and make an appointment tomorrow so will keep you posted.
Fingers crossed this is a step forward and not 2 back.



  • Awww hun - thats great!

    I hope you get somewhere soon hun! Fingers crossed you'll get your results quick and then you can start making progress!

    Take care hun!

  • Hi hun, awww thats great and definately a step in the right direction to ttc.
    Good luck with the tests and keep us all informed.
    Karen. x x
  • Good luck, SLOW, hope this means things will start moving forward for you. xx
  • Thanks guys, so pleased something is actually happening at last. Doc was quite nice this time so realling full of PMA and yay on our way to BFP's.
  • glad u are getting sorted hun ,good luck!! hope u get that bfp before u know it!!

  • thats super SLOW! Glad they are listening to u. Good luck with
  • Thanks girls, full of PMA now and hope the tests move the docs along a bit and get me sorted.
  • thats good news to hear that they are taking you seriously!
    do you know what the blood tests are checking for?

  • thats a start hun and brilliant news hope you get the answers your looking for. x
  • hi honey that great news i went last month for bloods and it left me feeling full of pma knowing that something was bein done and that i had an answer why ttc was taking so long.

    Good luck honey.
  • Thanks guys, i got in today so i've had the blood test, results should be in middle of next week. They tested for progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone (sp??) and something else beginning with pro but couldn't read docs writing!!! I'll keep you posted next week. Sxx
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