:) YAY

I got my peak on Friday the 13th!!!!

I am so happy as i know some people don't get it on their first month of using the CBFM. I woke up this morning just knowing i was going to get it because last night i had pains in my left side and my boobs hurt!!! I have no EWCM though so i will be getting my pre-seed out tonight along with my BD shoes. I did have sex last night but it was just normal sex, i didn't try and help the lil swimmers or anything.

Wooooo hooooooooooooooooooo xx image


  • Yay Tink! Fab news! On my BFP cycle i had sex on my first peak with pre-seed - so get the luuube out!! ha ha.

    Good luck!


  • I was the same as Broody, BD'd on the first peak with preseed and it worked - hope it does for you too xx
  • Aww thanks guys, i usually get up at half 5 with my OH and POAS then and wait for the result. If i had of done this morning then i would have rugby tackled him back into bed :P

    Instead i waited until 7 cause i wanted a bath. Also the thin line on my test stick was darker than the fat line (i know i don't need to take any notice of that) but that kinda gave it away before i saw the result. I even took a pic to send to the OH lol.

    When you use the pre-seed how do you guys "apply" it? I have read it on the box but it would be nice to hear how you actually did it otherwise i'll have the instruction leaflet out while trying to do it and i can multitask but i think that would be taking it too far lol!!!

    I hope your pregnancies are both ok!!! xxx
  • I had the stuff that came in the applicators. what have you got then? just a big tube of it or something?

  • No, i have the "tampon like" applicators but i mean do you put it up you so long before BD, does it have to go far up? I cant use tampons because they hurt and i tense up so it will be fun tonight. Also what position do you have to be in to insert the applicator?

    Silly questions i know but i don't want to fluff it up!!! Without sounding pervy can you tell me exactly what you do from start to finish lol???


    Tink xx

    PS; I can feel a tiny bit of CM but it definitely isn't EWCM!!! Can i still use pre-seed? x
  • Yeah defo use the preseed.

    If you're not used to using tampons then you might find it easier to squat and use a mirror so that you can see what you're doing!

    I held it in my fingers at the end of the long, narrow part (where the fat part starts) and i 'put it in' up to that point and then gave a big squeeze! When i took it out there was still quite a bit left in there, so i did it again.
    I never managed to get it all out - but i got about three-quarters of it so i reckon that's good enough!

    If you have never really 'been down there' too much before, then i would suggest you squeeze a a bit of the luuuuube out (sorry i love saying it like that!) and putting it over the applicator so it goes in a bit easier!

    Stand up once you've finished... wait a min and then squat again... and any excess will come out which you can just wipe away.

    We BD'd once we were in bed for the night, so i applied the preseed after i'd washed my face, brushed my teeth etc... so not long before sex!


  • Thanks for that Broody!!!

    Luuuuuuube - just for your benefit lol.

    I will do that then, i was thinking about luuuubing the applicator up anyway, i just get cringey at stuff like that - don't ask me why!! I will do it before i go to bed then and take a book up with me so i can stick my legs up on the wall afterwards!!!

    The stuff us ladies do for love eh!!

    Thanks again xxx
  • Thanks for that Broody!!!

    Luuuuuuube - just for your benefit lol.

    I will do that then, i was thinking about luuuubing the applicator up anyway, i just get cringey at stuff like that - don't ask me why!! I will do it before i go to bed then and take a book up with me so i can stick my legs up on the wall afterwards!!!

    The stuff us ladies do for love eh!!

    Thanks again xxx
  • I applied it using the applicator, pushed it in 3/4's of the way and then released the preseed. After removing the applicator, I didn't feel any different to normal and my OH didn't make any comment, as he didn't know I'd used it - hehe!

    Just one word of advice that I got from ladies on here before I started using it. I only used about a third of the recommended amount, as others have said the recommended amount was far too much and spoilt the experience. Hope that helps, wishing you lots of luck xx
  • I stuck my legs up the wall for 15 mins, then took them down, propped a pillow under my bum and went to sleep for the night.

    Oh - and seeing as i've just described how i applied my luuuube, i may as well tell you that we BD'd doggy style too and it seemed to work! ha ha
  • Sorry meant to say I applied it about 30 minutes before BD'ing.

    Following on from broody - we did it missionary position and I stayed with bum raised on a pillow for a good 30 minutes afterwards xx
  • Oh really? Well this is a new ball game then broody...i think i need details, maybe it will lead to my BFP then lol.

    Is it not awkward doing it doggy then having to spin around and put your legs up on the wall without spilling image
  • You just have to be super-quick! xx
  • yah congrats tinks - have to say loving the fact you have BD shoes!!! lol
    Good luck, when I got my first positive OPK it totally changes your pma and you go into BDing like a freaking porn star (or perhaps that was just me!)
    I did a few 'sperm friendly' positions and have to say, like broody, ended up finishing in doddy (blush) as it was then easy for hubby to push me into a headstand without anything leaking (double blush)........held the headstand for as long as I could before my face felt it was going to pop, then shuffled down into a shoulder stand for about 10mins until somehow i'd naturally ended up with just bum in air.....soooo funny this ttc lark. I got a bfp last month from this routine (unfort didn't stick) but least I know it worked!

    PP84 x
  • Oh i am sorry Mrs PP84 but i was chuckling at your comment. I can't imagine going into a full gymnastics routine after BD hahaha - you sound like a very skilled lady.

    Is there an advantage to doggy, does it make it go in deeper?

  • Tink i love your no-nonsense talk! ha ha.

    Yeah i think it does to be honest.... i always found that doing it that way, with us both having an "O" meant that there was hardly any leakage (if i laid down after till the morning)
  • not sure what doddy is but thank god you got I meant doggy! LOL.

    So apparently the best positions for making a baby are:
    Missionary, good for deep penetration and also best for conceiving a girl (not sure if true)
    Doggy, deep penetration, easy delivery of sperm into cervix, best for conceiving a boy.
    Spooning, also good for penetration but personally find it the worst for keeping swimmers in as with missionary, you can pop a pillow under bum straight away, doggy (see gymnastics post chuckle) but spooning....yeh not convinced personally! good for when you are tired and feel lazy LOL.

  • MrsPP84, love the gymnastics!! Sat at my desk laughing, if only those around me knew why!! image
  • Hay tink, just wanted to wish u all the best
    Happy BD :lol:

    gems x

  • Hehe, just read about your gymnastics too Mrs PP84 and must say it sounds like it would be quite successful at stopping the leakage...if I'm brave enough I think I might give it a go!!! I also read the same about missionary for a girl and doggy for a boy. It's something to do with the male swimmers being faster but not as strong so they need a bit of help covering the distance so doggy is good as it helps them to get deeper, whereas the girl swimmers are slower but strong so in missionary the boys swimmers give up before they reach their destination whereas the girls keep on going. Hope that makes sense!!! Not sure if it's true anyway but that's the theory...went totally off the point of the thread there girls...sorry!!.x.
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