confused by pink CM - UPDATED :(

I am on CD25. Normal cycle lengths are 31 although last 2 were 37 & 36.

We have started actively trying this month and I have been having strange symptoms over the last week or so. Hot pains in my bits, and today I am shattered (although my 21 months old dd has been playing up big time). I went to the loo an hour ago and had some pink CM so not sure if AF on her way (cow) or something else.......

It's a little bit early for me to be showing any signs of AF - although I am very spotty on my chin like I normally go after ovulation before AF due.

OH wants me to test but I told him it's way too early yet.

I never had any implantation bleed/spotting with 1st pg so I'm just assuming it hasn't worked out this month. Knew it would be too much to hope to get caught the 1st month.....??!!

Well the bleeding got a little heavier before I went to bed so put a pad on just in case. Our dd paid us a visit at 3am so after putting her back to bed I went to the loo to be confronted by the witches doing!!

Am having bad cramps today too and really heavy. OH still wants me to test at weekend as I'm still really early with AF "just in case". Don't think I'll be wasting any HPT's just yet.

Bugger! On to month 2 then........:\(

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  • Hi hun,

    you never know, it could be implantation, how may DPO are you?

    Good luck

  • Well my CM has been hard to spot this past month but I believe I'm at least 10dpo??

    I'm at least 5 days early for a 31 day cycle and 10 days early compared to the last 2 cycles. I know implantation bleed isn't that common really.

    Have seen more red discharge today not pink so most probably af coming early. Dying to test but think it's too early.

    No other af symptoms really. No bloating or tender boobs like I normally get?

    Trust my body to play tricks on me 1st month of ttc!!
  • Hello hun - I am in a very similar situation - AF is due on this Sat 14 Nov. I also had some pink cm last night and really thought I was out for this month and that AF was early. Now today I have nothing. I still have these electrical shocks in my boobs, but other than that no other symptoms!!
    Good luck hun - hope you get your BFP sooooon!!
  • Sorry to g/c

    I had pink CM for 2 days before I got my BFP - I also thought it was all over, but AF never showed and instead we are having a baby! image
    My cycles were usually between 29-32 days, but on the lucky one we conceived on day 14 which would imply a shorter cycle....

    Wishing you all the best!
    Jana x

  • me too hun i had pink ish cm 3 before bfp dont give up just yet xxx good luck xx

    tracey 15.5 weeks
  • Hmmm so there is still a small chance of a BFP then.

    It is more like a very very light period now but hardly enough to stain a liner. More when I wipe. Has now gone more pink again than red (sorry for all the tmi).

    I just don't want to get my hopes up as it took 14 months the 1st time to get pg so 1st month this time would be unbelievable!

    If nothing comes of the bleeding (ie not heavier) I suppose I could test at the weekend....? Or is that too early? Oh my mind is all over the place!
  • hey ccb im in the same boat as u also thot this myt b it bt was only mth 1 ttc but that bitch af came this mornin 2. roll on mth 2 woohoo lol! x x x
  • I didn't know about the pink cm and it meant, I had this about 2 days ago, but only ovulated in the last 4 days!! Oh dear, looks like i might be SS for the next 10 days!!
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