Little bit shocked!

AF is 5 days late now so I tested again this morning (already done 2 tesco tests on Sunday and then Tuesday). Well BFN came up and I put the test on the window sill and thought no more of it. Hubby then brought it back downstairs ages later and there was a faint line. There def wasn't anything when I left the bathroom, so I thought it must be an evap line. Anyway, hubby wanted me to test again so I bought a first response (buy 1 get 1 free in boots!) and it has come up pregnant straight away with a strong line. I am in shock. I had ordered some OPKs that arrived yesterday as I was so sure my AF was just messing about (she was 6 days late last month).

I think I didn't wait the 3 mins on the tesco test as I was so convinced it was BFN that I just went downstairs for breakfast instead!

I am not sure when I am due but think it is somewhere between 1st Nov and 6th Nov, so I obviously didn't ovulate when I thought I did this month.

I have had no symptoms what so ever.

So it's so true what they say it's not over until AF arrives!. Just hope it's a sticky one. Am going to test again next weekend....I am a POAS addict!

Baby dust to all.


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