For all those symptom spotters.....

Hi ladies,

Well yesterday I got my BFP!!!!! Actually I found out the day before but the line was so faint I really wasn're sure if I was seeing things! Hubby was away with work so kept it to myself all day, told him late that night but did say it was a faint line. Bought a CBD which I did the following morning (my heart has never beat so fast!!!) and
I got 1-2 weeks, definiatly recommend the CBD it fantastic to see the word 'Pregnant'.

Anyway, the point of my post....... I had no symptoms what so ever. In fact apart from slightly sore boobs I still dont. And when I say sore its just when hubby cuddles me or when I take my bra off. I did have period pains for 2 or 3 days before my BFP, felt exactly the same as period pains so was sure I was out of the running. Thinking back the one thing I did have was lots of CM, constantly feeling wet (sorry TMI!!)

Anyway I just wanted to try and bring some PMA to all those SS's out there!!!

Sending lots of baby dust to you all and I'l be hanging around here for a while xxx


  • That's fab cos im an avid symptom spotter- sadly i even run up and down the stairs to see if my boobs hurt lol. ttc is turning me into a mad woman
  • Big Congrats So Happy For You image image image

    and u have just given me 100% PMA lol
    I am 6 days from AF all i have is pains (twinges/pulls) and CM :roll:

    Thank you image
    Gems x
  • Thank you! Still early days so I'm a bit of a nervous wreck!! Glad I've given you soma PMA gembags. Kaiti I'm sure many of us have also done that!! The other thing I forgot to say was that we BD'd 3 days and 1 day before ovulation and the day after. That was it this month just the three times, poor hubby! ha ha x
  • Poor Hubs image
    My OH hasnt had much this month we did 1 day before ov day of OV and missed a day then next day so we also only did 3 days image
  • Well as they say if only takes that one time..... will keep my fingers crossed for you and all the other lovely ladies praying for that extra special christmas present. Oh and for information I got my faint positive at 12dpo. xxx
  • image
    I am testing on Weds so 13 dpo and i really hope month 16 is a charm :lol:
  • Thank you soooooo much Claire for this message!! Its something I have been wondering about!! I posted a message yesterday to all those who had just got their BFP asking them if before getting their +'s if they had loads of cm. My AF is due on Monday and these last few days I have been constantly wet down there. I stupidly did a test this morning and I know it was way to early, but this constant wetness was bugging me soooo much!!!

    Congratulations to you - hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!! Thank you again for your post...def given me some good pma!!!
  • Congratulations hun! SS'ing is so naughty but so much fun to do! xxx
  • Congratulations Claire!! I hope everything goes well for you in the next 9 months.
  • Congratulations hun, this post has still gave me a glimmer of hope am testing mon if af doesnt show up but I would be 14dpo, I haves tested 12dpo with a FR early results and got a BFN.

    Do you think there is still hope? x
  • hey everyone,

    i have just come off the pill in november and this is my first month trying, had my withdrawl and not due till about the 3rd jan so testing around that time. but this last week after my OV i've been feeling quesy, have a constant headache, really bad back pain, cramps as if i was on my AF and stupidly emotional lol. I cried over not being able to get my car door open yesterday lol, and also what my dad wrote in my christmas card. lol. How daft is that?

    Now i know this can be signs of coming off the pill as it can really mess with your hormones, but all of my family have fell pregnant immediately after coming off the pill. So i'm not getting my hopes up too much but maybe i will be one of the lucky ones. fingers crossed ladies xxx
  • I felt a bit sick this morning (12 DPO) but hubby thinks I say that every month!
    Clare - now I am wondering weather to test or not, told myself I would wait unil boxing day when AF due
  • Glad I have given you ladies some renewed hope. Mollie, If you can hold off testing I would, I know what its like and I tested lots but the whole 'is there or isn't there a line' is just as bad! My first line was so faint I was sure it wasn't there, i then spent the next 24 hours really not knowing what was going on. Good luck when you do test! xx
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