Bank Holiday BFN!!!

hi girls just to keep you posted as i said i would!

tested yesterday morning BFN!!

today is cd 37 still no sign of AF! so really need to try and stay calm and wait patiently for Af

had a lovely Bank Hol, freinds and family came round and we had BBQ and few beers in the sun!!!

nearly cried at oh playing with wee ones, running round garden playing football and all sorts!!

he's a fantastic uncle and i know he will be a great dad!! lucky i had my shades on!!!

hope you all had a nice day!!


  • hey Danipink
    Sorry about the BFN.. also that you have few tears at the BBQ is the only time I have cried about it recently. Oddly enough at a BBQ. Hubs was looking down at at little tribe of kids playing in the puddles and I saw another glimpse of the father that he really want to be...
    Take care of yourself
  • me too!! I just posted saying feeling down as af came. keep up the pma! we'll get there in the end!
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