Anyone else SMEP this month?

Hi there

I was just wondering if anyone else was doing this this month? We started last night and I started checking OV with OPK today too. Fingers crossed.

Thought it would be nice for us to share our PMA.

Baby dust to all.

V xxx


  • Think we'll be following it loosely...! Followed it last month with no luck image Only got one OPK left & dont want to buy anymore so wont be POAS until CD12...but will be BD'ing at the right times

    x x x x
  • We are following it loosley too..... not using opk's this month coz been trying 10 months with no luck and think maybe we are stressing too much so this month just going to b/d every other day and hope for the best... I know roughly when I OV anyway so will just b/d 3 or 4 days running around this time.

    Good luck girls hope you get your BFP this month.

    I'm on CD 12 today so will OV soon where's everyone else on their cycle and how long have you been TTC?
  • Hi wanabamama, I'm CD6, this is our 9th Month TTC...!!! Going for blood tests this month just to check everything is OK!
    x x x
  • I haven't been to the docs yet as they not that great and refuse to look into it until we have been trying over a year but if we have no joy this month I'm going to. It's starting to really get me down... I really expected to be pregnant by now x
  • Well we told a little fib & said we'd been trying for a year (well we have nearly) image
    He really wanted to fob us off though, asking how long we'd been together, how long I'd been off the pill...He seemed to be saying that if I hadn't been off the pill for 3 years then he would have told us to go away! image So glad I did come off the pill when I did.

    OH is worried as he got kicked in the balls playing football a year or so ago & so wanted to get checked this month anyway, so we went together! Got to have bloods & smear test too...still gonna try though, maybe sod's law will kick in! image

    Good luck to you!!!

    x x x x
  • I hope your right and you get your BFP before you get your results x

    I think I'll steal your plan and head off to the docs... only been off the pill a year but will take it back a few months too and tell them I'm having a sit in protest if they refuse to do anything Lol

    good luck everyone hope there's a whole load of BFP's this month x
  • You do can but try!!! image
    Is your picture anywhere in particular?? It looks beautiful, reminds me of the Maldives which I love image happy times x x x x
  • It's from our honeymoon in the cook islands.... i was a very lucky winner from the YAYW website
  • Oooh you lucky devil, it looks gorgeous, my kinda holiday. We went to Velidhu in the Maldives....!!! Loved it so much we went back to another island with some friends last year! image xx
  • Oh lovely well I hope you don't manage back this year but only coz you get your little bean x

    I'd love to go back to the oook's it was so magical but no chance we could afford it x so it was a once in a life time thing...they remarried us on the beach at sunset it was so romatic they sent us a wedding album and everything x
  • OMG thats *the* most romantic thing I've ever heard...bless!!!!

    We have already booked a holiday this year, going to Rome & Sorrento in June...I cant wait bean or no bean image If I have my bean I'll be beyond happy, but if I don't I will truly be able to enjoy that fine italian red wine!!! :lol:

    x x x
  • Hi wanabamama and curls

    Fingers crossed this month will be our lucky months. This is our first real month of trying so haven't got high expectations, just waiting to see how things go. I'm on CD6 and not sure when I OV so using cheap OPK just to get a rough idea,

    Baby dust to you xxxx

    ps - I'm so jealous you are going on holiday. xxx
  • Well Vicsy I hope your one of the lucky ones who manages it first try x

    Curls your holiday sounds fab I hope you have a ball x
  • Thank you wanabamama, I hope so too, however, luck is not usually my friend, well bad luck is but thats about it. So much so that dad has to go for throat scan tomorrow, so mind is not really on BD'ing at the min. I'm sure it will be ok but it's hard to focus.

    Lots of baby dust to you.

    V xxxx
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