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:\? ok ladies, i think i oved on 7/8th oct? occording to opk but cbfm for the past 7/8 days has been on high no peak?
whats going on?
when can i test? sooo confused!
i went for bloods to check my hormone level at gps last week, they rang this morning to make an appointment to see my gp? so im a lil un-eased atm.......x


  • Hi Chick

    Do u mean 7/8th Nov?

    PP84 x
  • haha! see proof my minds all over the place! yeh i did mean nov xx

  • LOL - don't worry i'm the same most months.

    Ok, so if you OVd on those dates, your approx 3-4days past ovulation. I have read of ladies who didn't ever get a peak on cbfm but still got bfps so try not to worry. If your OPK gave you a positive then i'd take that as a good thing.

    So for testing purposes, you should have a small idea of when AF is advise? don't test early, try and wait till AF due date then test only if late x x
  • i needed to hear that! last month af came on 19th -but 9 days early for no exlpained reason, well 2ww then xx

  • image)

    2ww it is by sounds of it! Good luck chick, just relax, not much else you can do now other then keep fingers crossed.

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