Completely random but .......

I have pains in my hips both sides like they are moving!!! Very odd!! Lol

Also wanted to add my name is j and I am a be-aholic!!!


  • Hi J!

    I'm new here, but I'm sure I will quickly become a be-aholic too!

    Also, completely random but it's my birthday today and have just got AF. Boo! But maybe this month will be THE month!
  • hi girlies i am and adiict too *blushes* lol. happy bday missimpatient, good luck for may! mrs jc, this could be a sig of pg, it depends what cd your on? however, i get this every month when i ov. so could be either? good luck xxx
  • I am about 4/5 ish dpo I think not 100 per cent!!!

    Hey me are you excited your wedding is coming up really soon?

  • sorry i am to lol kind of SS this month swore i wouldn't as i haven't in the 23 months i have been trying but this month for so reason i am lol think i am CD36 and i might be 8DPO not sure as i don't know wether i did OV or not oh welli will soon find out one way or another lol

    happy bday missimpatient
  • Happy birthday msimpatient

    I am cd33 or 4 ish dpo I think!!! Had pos ov stick on weds do not really sure when properly ov as could of been then or days after!!!
    I don't normally use ov sticks but I had a random couple I. My bag so used them!!! Lol

    long cycles are poooooo!!!
  • do you think i should test tomorrow or not am not sure i am having cramps like AF so not sure weather to just wait or just test
  • I don't know really Hun it's a toughy!! Which would you rather see bfn or af!!! I think I'd prob wait a few more days see how your symptoms are and then test!!
    Sorry if that's not what you want to hear!!! I just know for me seeing a bfn would be worse than af!!
    I do really hope you get your bfp this month though

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes girlies!

    Sending lots of babydust to you all!

  • your welcome impatient

    MrsJ at the mo i don't mind i really want to be PG but if i see a BFN i really would not mind as i say it will happen just needs time well i need time lol have PCOS so i have stupid AF's i might be in for a long wait but no idea at the mo good luck with your BFP this month
  • Maybe get some cheapies from wilkinsons if you have one near you! They are really low miu and are what docs use or even a pound shop sell them 2 for a pound!!!

    Thanks for the good luck! Hope you get your bfp and beat the pcos!!

  • thank you i have 2 children both planed both pretty long to conceive so PCOS has not won lol but i might for a while on this baby but as i say i can wait but i can say that as i have 2 already sorry for rubbing it in we will all get there at some point some journeys are longer than others i feel sometimes that i have had my fair share of children but yet i still want another

    on other subject i might be getting a new iphone tomorrow fingers crossed i can get it on contract

    i can get 3 PG tests from bodycare for 99p so when i go and get my phone going in there to get some
  • I have a child too he is 5 and although he will always be my baby he has grown up sooooooo fast! So I understand where your coming from!

    I phones are awesome hubs had one until he broke it!! I have an iPod touch which I am using right now and the only thing it isn't is a phone!! I love it!!!

  • yeah but out my price range at the mo lol i can get it free but its only an 8g and going to have to put my price plan up to ??35 a month from ??20 but i don't mind free internet access for life with orange but my 2 DD's love the books and stuff on it plus i want the ghost radar classic that is on it i know stupid lol but my O/H mum has it and she had a message from it saying soon baby delivered so that may be a good oman lol
  • yeah, thanks mrsJC, so excited! 11 days to go woohoo! been another ash cloud tho.... so im worrying about our chances fr honeymoon image fingers crossed! good luck xxxxx
  • hey well i did a test not FMU but oh well i have a VVV faint line and the strength is 25mui so might be to early
  • My name is Claire I to am a be-aholic :lol:

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