Having a strange feeling (TMI)


Has anyone noticed a strange feeling, I dont know where to explain it. Hang on..........................................

Try again

Has anyone had a strange felling around their cervix area about 8dpo? The only way I can describe it is that its like a prickling sensation. I also have really strong AF pains but af not due till 28th and ive never been early with af.

Any ideas anyone?


  • You only read it cos it said TMI lol!

    Hows things going SB. You must be about 12weeks now. Did you find out if it was twins hun?
  • Well, I dont know what it is either but it feels [email protected]@dy odd.
  • I have never heard of that honey you poor thing does not sound very nice though.

    very odd have you googled it?

    k XX
  • Being 8dpo, and af pains...could it not be a strange feeling from implantation? xx
    I am not symptom spotting......................

    I really dont know. Ive tried to google it like K-Lou suggested but not much comes up.
    If I didnt know that AF was not due until 28th, I would swear blind that it would come today as af pains are so strong. Also I have a slight pain in the bottom of my back, well not a pain, more like an ache.
    But like I said Im not symptom spotting..............(yeah right!!!)
  • your part of the furniture lol.

    well you have made it to the 12 week stage. Well done hun. Keep those legs tightly crossed lol.
    We want to be kept informed of all baby SB's actions!!!!
  • Lol and how many weeks gone are you???????
    Still a way to go yet hun but look at it this way, a lot of women on here would love to be in your shoes right now. I know I would.
    Just chillax and enjoy every moment.

    **shouts SB's having a naughty baby, SB's having a naughty baby**

  • I quite agree with you. I was sick with my 1st from day one right up until I had her. It does get you down. You dont know what to eat or drink and you have to plan where you go very carfully. I had to take a carrier bag everywhere and man did I get some strange looks as I was shoving my head into a plastic bag in the middle of the street lol.

    My cervix is freaky, I quite agree. Its not everyone who feels as though a million needles are sticking into theirs. Its because im soooooooo special lol.

    As for the ickle fellas with mohicans, I dont care what they do as long as they get in there and do what they are supposed to do. They will sweep me flu on the way through lol.

  • Ok hun. Enjoy your rest
  • i have the same pains but i dont know when i have periods so this is a new feeling to me to
  • well my cycle is very regular. Ive not had them before and I just wondered what they were.
    How many days past ov are you?
  • dont think i have oved i have periods 1-2years i have pcos so they dont come very often and i suffer real bad with them when i do
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