strange pulling sensation

hi ladies,

Please be honest with me - I prob need bringing back down to earth but I have been trying for 9 months properly and over a year of upsi and have been referred for tests (appoint in august) so know my body pretty well by now in the 2ww!

Anyway, normally get cramps in 2ww but this time as well as cramps on 5-7 dpo, yesterday (8dpo) i had a really weird tugging/pulling behind my belly button. Like someone was pulling a string or sucking it in from outside. It wasnt painful, just weird. It went on for ages. Then just had it this morning but only lasted for about 30 seconds. I have never felt anything like it before.

Ladies who have been pregnant, did anyone get this?

Or has anyone had it and it turned out to be nothing?

I am 9 dpo today and it is a bit early to test.


  • Sorry samsa no idea at all, as you can tell from my post i'm clueless but wanted to comment. Really hope it's a good sign for you, really do xx
  • Hi Sams,

    I haven't been pregnant before so may not be very useful but I have been having a very similar sensation (like I really need to lean back and stretch all my tummy muscles because they all feel very tense and pulled). I am on 2ww so am hoping it is a good sign! Fingers crossed eh?
  • I had a similar sensation when i was pregnant with my four yr old it moved to the side of my belly almost in my waist i was told by the midwife that this was my uterus expanding everytime i sneezed or coughed it would feel worse even painful at times it only lasted till around 14 weeks pregnant.
    Dont want to get your hopes up but this could be a good sign fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • thanks everyone, ooh i reslly hope its a good sign. It happenned on and off all day yesterday too and this morning i had pressure low down in pelvis, like someone was pressing on it. Cant feel anything now though, just a bit crampy today. Going to test in next few days xx
  • Keep us updated hun sending lots of luck your way xx
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