is it too early - help i'm new!

hi everyone,

i've been reading the forum since me and my husband decided to try and now i've got to post. I had last a.f on 17th may and now am feeling very nauseous and different. Have larger boobs i think, moody and so, so tired. Can't eat a thing!! bad belly though...

i did poas sat 7th june but neg - is it just too early or am i not prg? haha i know it could just be flu cause this only our second month of trying (only got married 12th april...)

thanks so much - it's driving me insane!



  • my las af was 13th june n i found out i was pregnant 2day 4 days b4 next af was due!! id leave it till at least 4 days b4 if u use a test that can detect that early!! good luck.xx
  • Welcome. I too would suggest you test again in a few days. The amount of hormone some people produce at first must be much more than others as some get early bfps and for some it takes quite a time after af was due for the tests to pick it up. Good luck hunny.xx
  • thanks guys! i'm getting a little excited just in case....
    god thats bad so early in trying, isn't it?? can't sleep properly, had constipation, hot flushes but the neg test put me off. i thought it was too early so i was straight on here to find out! it's fab! it's so nice talking to people about it. my hubbys great but it's nice to have a female point of view, no one i know even knows i've come off the pill!

  • What CD are you on and what is your cycle length? I had tons of PG symptoms after came off pill and then had 40day cycle!! I have known someone who didn't get a positive when POAS until she was 8wks gone!!
  • sorry to be a bit blonde but whats CD? i think my cycle is 28 days but i'm probably being a bit premature. i've only had one 'proper' period off the pill. i had a withdrawal bleed then a regular a/f four weeks later which i think is good? but you're right, it could be hormones settling down. god it must be intense watching for symptoms every month!! i feel for you all. it's the hot flushes and sickness that have alerted me most. can't eat anything till evenings... xxx
  • CD is cycle day! Day 1 being the first day of your AF. Definitely good you had a proper AF in 28days - mine was 40!! If 17th may was the 1st day of your last AF then you are next due on Friday this week - so my guess is you were possibly too early on sat as that is almost a week before you were due!! If AF does not arrive on Friday then do a test, if still BFN then do a test every 3-4 days until you either get AFor hopefully a BFP!!. The docs advise leaving 4 days between each test (although it is REALLY hard to do!!)

    Good luck - here's hoping for a BFP!!

  • thanks soooooo much for the help!! ahh i'll leave it till the weekend then... i can't decide whether to hope i'll wake up sick every morning this week or not now!! xxx
  • Welcome to the site pinkpink, hope it's a bfp for you. xx
  • I was noticing every symptom last month, and it drove me mad!! If you can not think about it (very hard I know!) then that could possibly be better.

    Good luck!!

  • thanks mithical and immense. i'm going to try and not think about it for a few days if i can. although i'm slightly relieved i feel queasy again this morning! is it normal to get symptoms before you've missed an a/f?
  • Some women get symptoms very early on, some get none at all. Anywhere in between seems to be normal as well! xx
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