serves me right

well what can i say thought i would be realy clever and brought predictor test the one you can do 5 days befor af as i wasnt due till friday and what do you know got home 2 hours later af reard her ugley head.javascript:void(0)


  • Sounds about right. I once spent ages holding my FMU in while I opened the test (before I got a special little cup :lolimage anyway by the time I had got in the thing and POAS when I wiped AF was there!! GRRRR!! Hopefully you didn't waste yours and will have it for next cycle xx
  • Tell me about it i held my wee in for ages today only to get a BFN then start spotting :cry: I felt such a tit for beliving we had done it x
  • oh well always december boxing day will more then likley be the same but this means i can drink and let my haire down a bit .x
  • I'm sorry to hear that the witch got you girls, but dont give up!!!! You can enjoy xmas now without having to make excuses to people about why you're not drinking lol xx
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