A year ago.....

Hey ladies, not sure if many of you will remember me,
but I just wanted to say that a year ago this month I got
the BFP I thought i'd never get, and now a year on and
I'm awake all night with Sara!

So I guess I ust wanted to say good luck, if it feels like
you've waited forever for your BFP it will happen, mine
took nearly 2 years! It will happen, try not to symptom
spot too much, don't test until AF is actually late and
enjoy BD'ing! - you certainly won't get time to when LO

Blowing you all a great big cloud of baby dust

liz + Sara (7wks). Xxx


  • Congrats hun and thanks for sharing that, hopefully this time next year I can do the same image xx
  • Aw, bless you Liz, it's great to hear success stories, it makes so much of a difference when you're feeling low to know it IS possible, you're not the only one in this situation and not to give up!

    *hugs* to you and everyone else trying or who has BFP already xx

  • Thanks for coming back here and telling us your postive story especially as I posted yesterday about being fed up with it taking forever.

    Congrats and hope you get some sleep soon!

  • awww how sweet youve made me smile! ive only been trying for a month, but lots of girlies on here have been trying for a while and im sure your story will put a smile on thier faces! thanks for the baby dust! good luck with the little one! xxxx
  • i remember you chick

    congratulations on your baby girl,nice of you to come back to give us all some much needed PMA XXXX
  • Congratulations Liz, and thank you for sharing that! It''s given me a little lift as I'm sitting at home feeling tearful and wondering if I'll ever be a mummy! xx
  • Thank you for your lovely message xx
  • Aw thanks hun for the PMA I have not been trying for very long but been having problems so certainly feels like a lifetime these past few months.

    Congrats and what a beautiful baby girl xx
  • Thank-you so so much for taking the time to tell us ur story it has filled me with PMA! xxxxxxxx
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