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Recovered from OP and back TTC Woohooooo!!

I'm so excited that we can start TTC again and can visit this site again! How is everyone doing with TTC and general stuff?


  • Hiya Katie, nice to "see" you hun! I'm back this month too, had three months off as OH was ill and then we decided to wait till now to start again as it would disrupt uni too much if i would be lucky enough to have a baby between March and August next year! no pressure then lol xxxx
  • good to see you back too.. nothing like a bit of pressure to get you in the swing of things lol!
    I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it all at the moment but know that in a week or so I'll be driving myself mad with SS!! here's hoping we are both lucky xx
  • hiya katielouxx welcome back, hope ur recovering well? xxxxxx
  • Hi mrs *me* fully recovered thank you and feeling better than ever.. How are you?
  • great fanx, on month 6 of ttc, af is just finishing (sorry tmi lol) so hopefully get luck y this month : and u too xxxxxxxxx oo and broodykate too of course! x
  • I don't think it's ever TMI on here lol!!! My poor hubby was accosted when I got home as I was OVing... don't think he knew what hit him ( Now that could be construed as TMI lol) Fingers crossed for us all xx
  • Hello,

    I don't know what you 'were in for' but I hope it went as well as possible and that you are taking it easy and being kind to yourself.image

    Wishing you a relaxed month x
  • Hi hun, welcome back!

    Hope you get your BFP soon image
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