Quick question please ladies

I've just had ewcm, my OH isn't back till friday night, am i still going to be fertile then? I'm confused about if i'm fertile the days running up to the ewcm, or if that marks the first day of my fertile stage..? My OH goes away early January for 6 months so this is our last chance for a while!

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  • Hay, Its really hard to say hun...... i get ewcm about 2/3 days before ov and some a few days after.... Some ladys on here don't even get ewcm...
    Are you using OPK's ????

    Hope you don't have to wait long hun xxx


    Month 16 TTC #2

    Gems xx
  • I never get ewcm, the best thing is not to panic and do some bding when hubby gets home.or if your desprete to know get some opks, though these are not always 100% I was under impression the ewcm was the body preparing, so you may not of ov'ed yet. My zita west book says It can take anything up to 5 days to ov after ewcm.. Good luck and babydust and enjoy a weekend in the bedroom hehe x x x

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  • Oh brilliant thanks, you've both put my mind at ease, now i can look forward to spending the weekend in bed and if it doesn't happen at least we've had a nice weekend with lots of sex before he goes away!

    I'm not using opks at the mo only because i just keep thinking well if it doesn't happen this month i need to completely put it out of my mind for 6 months, then when he gets back i'll get some and we'll try with a vengance!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed though that this weekend is perfect timing, what a lovely christmas present that would be for him!

    Thanks again x x
  • keeping everything crossed for you hun, im the same as gembags usually get ewcm 2/3 days before ov.xxx
  • Yeah me too ewcm about 2 days before positve opk x
  • This is great news for me, it means (hopefully) we haven't missed my fertile time! Oh i'm so excited! I can't wait for tomorrow night image
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