please help me!! ????BFP

Hi ladies!
I took a first reponse test this am and I couldn't tell by looking through window or not if positive so I took test apart and there was a def pinl line!! Is this a pos or an evap line!! Ahhhhhhhhh!! Am shaking! Ems Mum xx


  • Hi hun, it's really impossible to say, I always though evaps were impossible on FR tests until I got a few, plus mine were pink too, what dpo are you? (don't mean to sound so negative, hope it's not an evap!!) xx
  • Hi Huni!
    Am 11 or 12 dpo! The line was there as soon as I took test apart it didn't develop over time!! I hate this!! Why do we doi it to ourselves!?
  • hi emilysmummy, can t beleive you took it apart! lol, do another one 2moro morning? xxxx
  • :lol: I know, it's torture hun, have you another test you can do tomorrow? xx
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