Can this be a symptom?

Hi everyone, i got my first period on the 2nd jan after having 6 months of no periods from stopping my pill, what a happy day that was!!!
Anyway, on my last day of period we (sorry tmi) we had sex and did not use a condom, but DH did not you know, i can't say it! So, he pulled out, but, you can't actually get pregnant because of that can you? Only rarley?
Right now it's 5 days till my period is due, and i have the worst stomach pains and cramps and feel sick, i thought it may have been my period coming early but it's not!! Am i overeacting? Please help xx


  • Normally its about 14 days or so after your AF that you OV so i wouldnt think you could be preg. However i dont know if your poor body has got a bit muddled because of that 6 months with no AF?

    sorry, not much help.
    x x x
  • Thank you, i think i needed to read it from someone else!! I know its so unlikeley
  • you can in fact get pregnant if the man withdraws as pre-cum contains sperm, so it is a definite possibilty. Withdrawal is never a safe method of preventing pregnancy i'm afraid!
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