negative test- but no witch???

Hi Ladies,
The witch is two days late, but I tested (about four times!) within the few days before due and on due date but with bfn responses- yet still no witch. Any ideas??? How long should I wait before testing again? Thanks


  • hi dont know if this helps last time i was pregnant i was due on the friday so on the tuesday i tested and it was negative so waited till the friday and it was positive the 2 lines cane up very quickly, so hope this helps
  • Hi,
    I think for some people it can take up to a week after AF is due to get a BFP so this could be your month! (FIngers crossed!)
    However if you are recently off contraception or have irregular cycles it may be that you are having an irregular month or missing an AF for some reason.
    This is all perfectly normal but it can take a couple of months to get a regular AF back if you've been say on the pill for a while.

    I am in a similar situation - AF was 'due' 2 days ago but no sign and got bfn yesterday. I am very new off the pill though so I think it is probably my cycle adjusting.
    I am gonna test next saturday if no AF by then.
    Good luck x
  • Hey Donna,
    I think that is reassuring and shows that until AF shows up its really not over.image
  • Hi Ladies, thanks for the advice! Did a cbd today and got my BFP! only 1-2 weeks so thats probably why it didn't show up before! I'm so excited! xx
  • Congratulations! Welll done! xx
  • Ahhh that's lovely news, congrats! x
  • Congrats xxx
  • Congratulations. Lovely news. Hope you have a happy and healthy nine months x
  • Aww that's excellent news! Congratulations! image
    (I hope your babydust rubbed off on me too when I test again!)
  • congratulations, pleased for you x
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