LIST of symptoms please from all the recent BFP'S!!


thanks girls and congratulations to you all!!

xxxx :\)


  • Hi hun x
    I have to be honest and say i have had very few symptoms!
    Slight backache for a few days, kinda an on off headache, no sore (.)(.), which i normally get before AF, kinda creamy cm (but not loads of it). I am actually starting to panic a little as it is so different to my last pg, which ended in mmc.
    but have spoken to the Dr today and she has said not to worry, every pg is different x
    hope that helps a little hun x
  • Achey boobs (esp under my arms)
    Sore throat
    AF type pains
    Wanting to snuggle up and watch xmas films hehe xx
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  • Pumpkin Pie - I ALWAYS want to snuggle up & watch Christmas films! :lol:

    So when did you pg ladies start having these symptoms?


  • hehe - i love them!

    my symptoms started at about 6dpo xx
  • Hello,

    I had metallic taste in my mouth very soon after ovulation that didnt really go for 2 weeks.
    Lower back ache at night, just lasted one night, about 5dpo. Also one night of hot sweats on the same night.
    AF type pains from about 9dpo.
    Sore boobs that were sore from ovulation, then stopped hurting for a bit.

    Thats about it.
  • Hi hun

    everyone is different and most symptoms are so like AF ones that its always hard to know until you see a line.

    I had an implantation dip in temp on 9DPO and my temp shot back up and went even higher again on day AF was due.

    Beside that I had very sore boobs which did not stop hurting on day AF was due like normal and very bad AF type pains especially in my lower back, which convinced me AF was due.

    I didn't test until AF was a day late ad am so glad I waited. Seeing the line clearly was sooo exciting.

    Good luck

  • ninne, if you did a test and got a bfp then surely that is really good news.
    have you taken another one since.
    sounds good to me.
    fingers crossed for you.
  • hope you dont mind if i post my symptoms on both my pregnancies even though they wasnt recent.....
    my first pregnancy i got every symptom going,cramps,really sore boobs i just thought it was af,wasnt till i took the test at 6wks when i realised i was pregnant then 2 days after morning sickness kicked in
    my second pregnancy i hd no symptoms what so ever and i was having twins,so every pregnancy is different image good luck girls

  • Well i did have quite a bit of cm as well, kept thinking it was AF starting.
    Maybe you should wait till the day that AF is due and take another test as some of them dont pick up early do they?
  • Spots
    Stuffy / runny nose

    BUT I also got my pre-AF sore (.)(.) and cramping at 8dpo (the day they ALWAYS start) so don't rule anything out!

  • bump!!

    very interesting and helpful

  • thirst.... so much so I wondered how much I could actually drink before drowning myself.
    sore and fuller boobs
    slightly bloated
    cramping (but that might have been a bad symptom)
    Oh and on 2WW really hungry, especially wanting carbs.

    thirst was definitely the most significant - even hubby had nearly asked if I was drinking for two before I tested!
  • Hewwo...

    Um not lots, 2ww, Sore (.)(.)'s sometimes, plenty cm, Then by end of 2ww and begining of 1ww, nothing!!! Most recent things are right boob ache under arm, fingers swelled up otherday, back ache, spots, those are the things that made me think af on way, always get spots..
    Bloated some eves after food.

    Must say that had more symptoms last month and af came.. lol.
    Good luck and Baby dust to all xxx
  • The ones that stood out for me as being completely different to the normal pre-AF symptoms were:

    5dpo - felt nauseous
    from 5dpo - shooting pains in pubic region...not too painful but fairly regular
    7dpo - felt nauseous
    8dpo - when I was falling to sleep I felt a pain in my abdomen. It didn't last long and I just thought to myself it was implantation pain...not sure why I thought this immediately and not actually sure if I dreamt it!
    9dpo - got a coldsore. Used to get them quite a lot but have found a cream to prevent them so it had been over 11 months since I'd last had one
    10dpo - BFP!
  • Sore boobs
    More tired than usual
    Greasy Hair & Skin
    Lower backache
    Very very bloated!
    Not being able to stand anything round my neck coz it makes me feel sick.

    With all of my pregnancies I've had these symptoms.

    Good Luck and baby dust to
  • Hi Ladies
    I had really sore nipples from ov which usually ease off before AF but they didnt!!!
    Was takin temps and they stayed high after ov !!! no real implantation dip which I worried about but it did dip slightly but only by 0.15 degrees!!!
    From about 9dpo I started having AF type cramps and only usually get these the day of AF arriving!! These have continued up until now!!!
    At 10dpo my boobs started getting slightly sore!! I decided that night to try an ebay cheapy and I could see a faint faint faint line (must admit I did get a little excited!!! as hubby could see it too!!!)
    I did a FR next morning (11dpo) and there was a faint but definite pink second line there!!!
    I then waited till Friday which was 13DPO and tested with another FR and had a much stronger second line so decided to try a CBD which came up PREGNANT 1-2!!!
    My boobs have continued to get sorer!!! still having AF type cramps occasionally and lower back ache and occasionally feel a little sick!!!!
    Sorry for the essay!!!!
  • I am sorry but I have gotten more symptoms when I wasn't than now that I am.

    8dpo- felt nausea when I was brushing my teeth. Though hmm... took a test bfn lol. Then went on to notice that I hadn't broken out with pimples yet as I always do before af. In the night I had a stretching strong fast pain like a pull not af. My boobs unusually weren't as sore as i usually have them from day of ovulation until 2 days before af.
    9dpo - bfp. only until this day until present time now my boobs have gotten very sore. Also, the night of this bfp there was the smallest dot of blood. So if you don't test early like me it could be a sign.
    --- I don't know for sure since when but I know since 12dpo I have felt stretches and pulls & sometimes like AF was going to arrive. But then it goes away.
  • To be honest I don't think I really had any symptoms that I don't usually get before AF!
    (Please bear with me, my cycles are irregular and I don't know when exactly I Ov-ed...)

    - sore and swollen (.)(.) including a lump in each breast
    - mild case of thrush from CD22
    - felt a bit faint on CD 23 and had a dodgy tummy th day after (that could have been heat and dodgy food though!)
    - AF-type pains on CD 26 and then CD30 onwards
    - pink CM on CD30 & 31
    - faint BFPs on CD31, then CBD 1-2wks on CD32 image

    I do think I wasn't as cranky as I normally get :lol:

    Good luck and heaps of baby dust to you all!!!

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