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LIST of symptoms please from all the recent BFP'S!!



  • Also to the few ladies who posted above about af type pains/twinges and tiredness -

    for me the pain is mild and constant, it's low down and in the centre with the occasional twinge

    and i too keep sleeping through hubbys alarms! which is very unlike me, im usually a very light sleeper..x
  • I got my BFP yesterday and foudn this really helpful last week so thought id add my symptoms!

    one week after starting BD on honeymoon ( two weeks before my period due) my boobs started getting swollen and achy and stomach all bloaty as if AF was on her way. With AF this usually only last a couple of days then goes away, but this stayed and my nipples have been really sore for a week. I have also been really tired and falling asleep early in the evenings. I put this down to jetlag originally but a week later I am still really tired so guessing it a PG thing! Also more hungry than usual!

    Oh myyyyyyy I'm getting my hopes up here!! I'm all teary and feel sick with excitement reading this!!

    I'm sure it's all in my mind tho - altho you can't imagine cm LOL
    I have sore nipples and the twingy low pains, sooooooo tired... but it's surely too early and all in my heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead!!!
  • LOL at S!

    My symptoms were pretty rubbish! Was more windy, and weed a bit more but not that much. Sleeping very deeply.

    Now i am noticing im a bit tired, some little twinges down there too.

    The random thing is that none of these things are that pronounced - it is only now i know that im noticing them!

    R x
  • well blimey!!
    i didnt think i would be wrighting on here regarding my own BFP and symptoms!!

    but here goes!!

    boobs really hurting from 3/4 DPO
    funny taste in mouth
    Loose bowels everyday and still got this
    extremely sensitive nose re smell
    lower back ache
    af type pains
    off food and have to have what i fancy(sat nite that was chips,curry sauce and deep fried chilli beef from the chinese!)
    not much appetite
    today i feel sick!!

    good luck for everyone on this thread and keep SSing!!!

    today i f
  • Congratulations to everyone who has their BFP and lots of baby dust to those who are trying to conceive.

    My goes

    Before Period was due
    NOTHING REALLY!...I had one wave of dizziness when i was sitting down on the sofa the night before testing (imagine the feeling you get when you tip your head off the bed and flick it back upright very quickly) and a bout of thrush which I think may have been caused by a change in my hormone levels.

    After period was due
    Twinges and a little dizziness. I also have a sore under carriage (for use of a better word) which i think is probably due to my hormone levels...thats it!!!

    M x

  • Hi all

    My symptoms were:

    Twinges in lower abdomen (alot before 6DPO)
    Implantation bleeding at 6DPO
    Lower back ache
    Tingly feeling in (.) (.)
    Very tired!

    That's about it so far!

    Good luck everyone...
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