Please can anyone help... (TMI alert)

Been lurking on here for a couple of months now, and thought I'd finally bite the bullet and post.

I'm feeling quite desperate really - I ovulated about 10 days ago. On Thurs, Fri and today I have noticed some bleeding, more of a brown discharge actually. It seems slightly heavier today than it did on Thurs/Fri, tho it isn't heavy like AF. My AF isn't due until next Wednesday but I always have about 3 days of spotting prior to the full on red blood - the bleeding now is exactly the same as the the spotting befrore AF but it has come earlier than usual.

I'm so confused. Is the spotting I am experiencing now AF or could it be implantation bleeding? I am so desperate to conceive that I have been aymptom spotting beyond belief.

I hate this TTC lark - it's not as fun as I thought it would be.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


  • Hey sweetie, didn't want to r&r. Implantation is usually between 5 and 11 dpo. Some happen earlier, some happen later. If you're stressing about it, it could be AF showing her face early. Try to have a nice relaxing weekend. Fingers crossed for a BFP hun xxx
  • Hi cass

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I think you are prob right that it is AF cos feel like I do before she comes image

    Thanks again

  • It is hard isn't it sweetie, I thought I had implantation, but I now think its AF 3 days early! hmph!
    Hoping were both wrong, (((hugs))) and babydust xxx
  • Ha me too! I starting with what I thought was implantation cos usually AF just starts strong but no she is here and I am CD3! Great onto 2nd month of trying!
  • G/C from DIN
    It could be implantation bleeding - I had brown discharge at around 10DPO which had continued until I was 5+1. Then had a big red bleed at 6+1 and a scan (everything was fine and I saw the lo)

    After implantation - brown "old" blood discharge is still really common - it can be for lots of reasons. Main thing is when you have blood and cramps - that's either AF or early MC.
    Diddy & Cass - you could both still be in with a chance this month - keep up the PMA!!
    Mrs Mel - wishing you loads of babydust for next month

    (7weeks today)
  • Thanks everyone.

    BD to all xx
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