Does anyone know?


I had my scan last Thursday to check to see if I had pco/pcos as I have been suffering from pain low down on my right side for a while now.
Anyway went in and had it done and all is normal and no cycts on either ovary so thats good news.
I told her about the lack of af and she said this can be normal after having the mirena coil removed ( had this done the begining of march and first af was two days later)

She did mention that the lining of my womb was thick and she said that I should come on anytime soon

Has anyone else been told this and if so how long after did af show up?

I know its a totally random question but as its been a week now and I've had no signs of it arriving and bfn on a superdrug tests.I'm really getting fed up and just want to be able to move onto the next month.

On a good note though. I won a competition today for ??75 worth of vouchers for bella mama website. Its just a shame I don't need any breastfeeding bits at the mo so I'm gonna treat myself to some of there toiletries


  • Congrats on the competition win!

    I too have the same pains as you but on the left side - I've had a HUGE cyst there before but nothing now, apparently pains like that are signs of ovulation.
    Hope AF turns up soon then you can get BD.
    Good luck xx
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