or implantation??

Hi there,
This was my first month of using opks and got a dark line last wed (27th) by thursday it was gone.So I assumed that I ovulated Thursday.I was really chuffed to now that I do in fact seem to ovulate. We were dtd around those dates so I was hopeful.

The following wk tue (5dpo) and wed (6dpo)had a little brown cm. Now Friday (cd 22 and 8dpo) and yesterday (9dpo) had dark brown spotting. Sorry for tmi but it more than enough for a panty liner I actually thought af was arriving. I usually spot brown stuff before period. But this was a week early. So far nothing today.

But now I am limbo :\? ...its either af which means I have appear to have short luteal phase so low progesterone or implantation. So one is really crappy or the other is really good.
Sorry just wanted to share as none of my friends know we are ttc and am hubby is away working.
L x


  • It could be implantation as the dates are just about spot on... It's usually about a week afterwards and for some spotting lasts an hour while for others a few days... Good luck!
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