Just wondering. . . .

what all you ladies have given up food wise whilst ttc.
I am only asking cos obviously when you are preggers you are not meant to eat mayo etc. So have you all stopped eating that kinda stuff now?
Sorry if it sounds like a daft qu - am about 9dpo ish now and concerned about what i should and shouldn'tbe eating in case i am lucky enough to get that BFP this month!


  • iv stopped all caffine, and have started to eat more fresh veg/salsd,i live on mayonaise so havent given that up yet! x


  • I am careful to only eat fully cooked meat and I stopped alcohol completely(only had a glass every two months or so anyway), don't eat blue cheese and brie, no painkillers(only ever take them for tooth ache, am lucky and don't get head aches)

    perhaps that's just me being extra careful...most people will probably stop all those things once they see that BFP

  • Glad you haven't given up Mayo tiannastar - I also live on it!! Was feeling a bit guilty that i was still eating it.
    Am trying really really hard to cut down on my caffeine - i also live on tea!
  • me too! o/h also has (with a lil gental persuation) lol, how long u been ttc? xx


  • I may be wrong ladies so correct me if I'm wrong but Hellman's and other 'pasturised' Mayo brands are ok to eat. X
  • Well this is only our 2nd month of properly ttc- we did a few months of jsut casually trying before that.
    How long you been trying tianna?
  • mrsfozz i think your right! yey!
    snugglenush- erm i lost my lil girl at 24wks a year last sept, we were just having casual up to a month ago, so really this is my 2nd cycle i think of actual ttc, timings bad as i get married next aug, but i want this soo much i dont care about being a fat bride lol xx


  • MrsFozz is rite, it's only freshly made mayo that you should avoid.
    I've stopped eating pat???? and already missing it! Have still been drinking wine when I'm on a night out, they say spirits are a no-no so I don't feel too guilt having wine while ttc - this will of course stop completely wen we get out BFP!!
  • ..... O i havent given up anything image

    I didnt have to give much up when i was preg with my boy as some things are silly.... Homemade mayo... i have nevr made mayo :lol: dont like prawns... don't drink often.... dont like coffee... only have a cuppa t in the morning and dont drink coke as it upsets my tum....... :roll: :lol: image

    I wont drink mcd milkshake/flurry when in 2ww i ate runny eggs in 1st preg only freerange organic eggs every so often..... and had no probs image
    Although after having my boy i now have ibs image which changes things slightly xxx
    God look at me going on hahahaha image image image

    I am going now :lol:

    Gems x
  • YEY to hellmans being OK!!
  • I've almost given up caffeine (just one cup of "real" tea every morning) and try to avoid soft cheeses etc. and alcohol. I'm getting fed up now though after a year!! If I'm not lucky this month (and I don't feel like I am) then I'm definitely having alcohol and cups of lovely real tea over Christmas. I particularly miss the comfort of real tea...
  • does anyone know if giving all these luxerys actually help before we get our bfps? xx


  • Good question snugglenush I havent given anything up apart from alcohol which I really miss which I only stopped after my xmas party.

    Guess I will have to wait and see depends how long it takes to get BFP because some people unknowingly drink etc and have a baby but I will defo be giving up everything once I do find out am pregnant.

    I am making a conscious effort to eat healthy but that said xmas is around the corner and I dont wanna be miserable at xmas xx
  • tiannastar - the reason you should give these things up in pregnancy is because of the risk to the baby, so in theory you don't need to give them up until you're actually pregnant. I don't think it would be a problem in the first couple of weeks either! x
  • I haven't given anything up as such but I have limited things like caffiene....I have a max of 2 coffee's a day (I usually drink tea but haven't been able to stomach it since I had a chempreg weirdly!).

    I think for me, its not a case of giving up stuff more taking in more good stuff. I have folic acid every day in the tablet form, eat more ttc foods like spinach, salmon, tomatoes (better for hubs but still taste good) and brazil nuts!......we had a month off last month and just found out tonight that this month is back on the cards so we'll have to see if any of it will work image

    I'm quite happy with my diet in general, we tended to eat lots of fresh fruit/veg before TTC anyway......I am a bit partial to mint aero though! my only fault LOL

  • it's only home made mayo you need to be careful with. anything with pasturised eggs in (all jar brands as far as i know!) are fine! x
  • Not ttc just yet will be after Christmas yey!!!!
    Not really giving anything up tbh.
    I dont really like anything that I need to give up lol
    I hate tuna, dont like mayo, dont like coffee ( i gave up diet coke a few months ago as I couldnt sleep with all the caffeine)! I also hate eggs :O , I don't like pate and I dont really drink much!!
    I really am a bit weird lol
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