[color=violet]The Loose Women (official thread..part 3)

Hi Girls,

Thought we should start another new thread, as our's (yet again) is soooo long



  • thats cos loose women are so popular hun xx
  • wahooo part 3 image loving it image
    hope everyone is ok?
  • ooooo sparkly new thread - yippeeee!!! xxx
  • morning girlies!!

    anyone got exciting news? I have none, got another high on my stupid cbfm. just want this month to get on with it so I can start again next month!! image

    Off to playgroup with my 2 darling nephews this morning though so babies galore! YAY! xx
  • hi all, how is everyone today?

    liking the new thread (again lol) feeling alot happier today, thnks for all your messages yest. feeling super bloated today and got major gas! lol tmi. so hoping its s sign? also think i have inherited a cbfm so thats great! my auntie is pg and used cbfm, she sent me a fb message saying she has a cb digital ov monitor, so im guessing she means cbfm? she says i can have it image and she has some tests for it too! woohoo. i no hubs didnt want one, but thats 1. coz theyre so expensive, 2. coz it will be bd at certain times, but with opks we have to bd at certain times anyways lol. and as its for free no harm in trying! woohoo so im super excited! xxxxxx

    how is everyuone else today? x
  • B-v, um sure ur cbfm will sort itself out next month, once it knows ur cycle? Glad uour having s fab time...babies, ahhh I'm seeing my friends 5 month out lata (and she's just found out she's pg again)
    she said she only wanted a small gap...but think that's a little smaller
    than planned lol!

    Mrs me- so glad your a little happier....yehhh cbfm, how excitingimage my
    m buttons flashing on mine (af due 2day/2moro) then
    I can start all over again....just all this waiting annoys me lol

    Everyone else doing ok??

    Any exciting news?


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  • hiya k-a dont worry nothing exciting was just feeling a bit poop image but better today. and yes testing sat so wil lkeep you posted image

    nml good luck bd'ing!

    lianne, may need u for cbfm advice lol. im thinking thats what she means she has? i should be picking it up sat, so will see if its a cbfm or something else lol she didnt xplain to well. lol xxxx
  • hey everyone - hope ur all ok image

    no exciting news on my front, on cd 4 today so just waiting for a/f to bugger off and cd6 to arrive so i can start testing on my cbfm image
  • Mrs me- Yup i'll help where i canimage

    Im Still waiting for my AF to arrive so i can use mine again!!

    Isn't it funny ladies how we don't want our AF to arrive, but after getting BFN (on monday) i know im not pg...so just want my af to start, so that hopefully i will be with my OH during some of my Highs/Peaks!!

    kels - cd4 already, thats gone quick...soon time to use your cbfm ov sticksimage xxx
  • Hi everyone!

    B-V - I hope you enjoyed yourself at playgroup and start to feel better, I dont have a CBFM so not really sure what they are or how they work but hope yours sorts itself out image

    Mrs Me - Sorry you have been feel poo lately, but at least your feeling better today PMA PMA!!! Also good news about the CBFM!

    Lianne - Hope your AF comes soon so you can start on next month, or even better I hope your BFN was wrong and it actually doesnt come and you get a BFP image

    K-A Hope your alright love and the morning sickness is slowing down

    Nml86 - hope you have lots of fun tonightimage

    Kels - I hope your AF buggers off so you can get on with it!

    Well ladies I booked my wedding today - yippeeee! it's not a traditional wedding and very low key, so low key that im not even gonna be mentioning it on facebook or nething, but still excited about it image xxx
  • BK- Wow!! How exciting....Your weddings bookedimage sounds lovely, and personal. Thats what i would wantimage Or to go away somewhere with just my very close family & friends? So whens the big day?

    Well im having a few cramps 2day, so im hoping AF will arrive 2moro, then all the 'fun' starts again, and im going to do my best at ensuring August will be fun and much more relaxed. Weve booked a holiday in September so have lots to look 4ward to xxx
  • Thanks Lianne, I have to say I have to thank Garfield whose on this site, we had a good old chat last night on FB and she really reasurred me image

    I was worried about the type of day I had chosen as we have booked the reg office but its in a very old building so looks lovely and then rather than your traditional evening reception and wedding breakfast we are going for a meal at the dogs! I went recently and they had a lovely meal in their new restuarant the food was gorgeous and atmosphere very fun and relaxed!

    So i booked it this morning!

    Fri 3rd Dec, so a little wait yet, the original weekend we wanted which was fri 15th oct was fully booked, decided on a fri too as latest you can wed on a sat is 11.30am!

    May give Aug a miss just so if i fall preg before hand I will still be 12 weeks so no bump image but we'll see!

    Where you going on hol hun, i could do with one! lol xxxx
  • AHHH BK what great news! We got married last December, winter weddings are gorgeous!! And I think if a quiet day is what you want then forget anyone else. It's about your and your new husband starting your life together so all you really need is you two!

    Lianne, sorry to hear af on the way - a relaxed month sounds like just what you need. I'll still keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't come though as I know how upset you'll be. Hugs in advance just in case ((xx))

    KA - it' nice to still have you in here to keep us sane and remind us that bfps DO happen! LOL!! Saw your fb about Elle tonight - what an escape artist she is!!

    kels - hope the first month of cbfm goes well for you, it's very exciting!!

    nml - hope the bding goes well and is 'productive'!

    Mrs me, a free cbfm eh?! That's great news! xxx
  • b-k that sounds lovely, like b-v said above, its your day!! so do whats important to you & your ohimage
    Dec isn't far away, will be here b4 you know it xx

    B-V, thanx 4 the hugs, yeh i'l b gutted, but i'v just gota brush myself down & try again, like lotsf us on here.

    Yes i agree K-A does give us all hopeimage

    My OH booked a surprise holiday for me and my ds to go to marbella, My ds hasn't been on a plane b4, so i think he's more excited about that lol...i'm just looking 4ward to the break

  • Thanks girlies image Baby Vivvy where did you get wed, your in sheff arent you? xxxxxx
  • sorry double post!

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  • Hi everyone, dont usually g/c yr thread as i struggle to keep up..lol but seen as its a new one thought id pop in. can get on here on my phone but for some reason cant get on our fb group on it ;o( ..anywho hope everyone is good.
    K-A bad luck wiv yr early night plan! ... i have that to come although i have his tiny bed set up in his room an put him in that during day so hopefully wont be too much messing when he goes in on night.,

    Lianne arnt u still in with a chance if af hasnt arrived? fc for u.xx
  • Hi nic,
    No i tested in the week & got another bfn, and im geting the proper af cramps tonight, so it will be here at some point throughout the night or day 2moro? just wish it would hurry....want to press the m on my cbfm lol xxx
  • awwww i thought youd have done it this month. ((hugs)) ...least we have the pleasure of yr wonderful company for another month.xxxxx mwah xx
  • ahhh thanx nic...yup u all got me 4 at least another month lol;)

    What cd r u on?xxxx
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