Been for a HY-CO-SY


I have just got back from hospital, I was supposed to have a HY-CO-SY test done, however they did an ultra sound scan inside me and they think they have found a cysist or fluid in my tubes.... I have got to have a Lap test done to hopefully remove it which they are booking an appointment for, more waiting lists but I am so relievd they have found something which may well have been stopping us from getting PG shame its taken so long.



  • Hope things move a big quicker now you know what is wrong annette. Fingers crossed you get your appointment soon.
  • Hopefully you wont have too long to wait for your appointment & then your bfp will be just around the corner

    Good luck xx
  • Fingers crossed xx
  • Good luck Annette, I hope this leads to a BFP for you. I went to the hospital today and every other day at the moment to have follicle tracking done. I am also due for a lap and dye and a hysteroscopy soon and although I am anxious I hope this will lead to a BFP soon! The nurse said to me today that they 'are there to create solutions, not problems's so I am hoping that whatever is preventing us from having a little bambino they will be able to sort it out. I am sending you lots of best wishes x
  • Thanks for all your replys, hope4bambino hope you don't me asking what is Follicle tracking?

  • Not at all, I had never heard of it until recently. Its to check that the process of ovulation is normal. They carry out an ultra sound scan transvaginally. They basically asked me to inform them when my last period started and they booked me in 9 days after that for the scan. At the moment I have been going every other day to have this done so they can track the growth of the follicles. Hope this helps x
  • Yes thanks Xx
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