Hi can any one give me some advice bit :\? as to whats happenin im on cd 13/14 i got positive on opk on sun and monday tmi sorry just been bding with partner an wen i went to toilet to wipe there is a browny red coloured discharge wat is it?? xx


  • can i just clarify, you ov'd sun/monday (did you BD then?) and you've JUST BD again and had the browny discharge?
  • hi yer got positive sat and sunday on opk and we bd sat night sun mornin mon mornin and just now yer and wen i went to toilet an wiped browny discharge x
  • ive read that you can get a light spotting or brown discharge at ovulation so it could just be from your ovulation, it seems you've BD at the right time tho so fingers crossed for you, it seems a bit early for implantation bleed if you've only just ov'd tho..but theres every chance it could be tht too...nothing to worry about tho, fingers crossed xxx
  • ta hun u have put my mind at rest image xx
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