do ya's all get OV pains or some feel nothing???

Thats all i want to know!


  • I feel nothing what so ever, if it wasn't for my CBFM I wouldn't have the foggiest when/if I had ov :lol:
  • oh cool rainbow thanks for that, have you ever gotten them before?
  • I'm with rainbow, if it wasn't for cbfm or the ov sticks i used before wouldn't have any idea when ov. Don't think I've ever felt it.
  • Nope never felt it, don't think everyone does to be honest

  • I get pains, but ive always had really sore its not all good!!
  • I didn;t even know they existed until I found BE!

    I don't get them generally, although the last two months I have had a smallish sharp pain near my hip, then the next day I got a peak on my cbfm. If I wasn't now super observant about what is going on in my body I wouldn't have even noticed the pain as it was slight and didn;t last long.
  • i get very strong ov pains, sometimes it can be quite uncomfy, i also need to run to the loo alot.xxxx
  • Hi, I get uncomfortable OV pains and a pulling/strecthing feeling on my right side and I feel sick, bloated and very tired! Not a nice combination I can tell you! xxx
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