angel messages

hi, ive not been on the site for ages, but i remeber a while back girls from here were getting angel messages. Can anybody tell me what the website is or how i can get one done?

does anybody thats had one reccommend it?

thanks X


  • Hi Linzi,

    As far as I know the angel messages website disappeared - along with some ladies' money! I had a really good (very accurate) reading but i know a few ladies requested a reading and their money was taken but they never received their reading. The website then stopped working.

    I'm dont know of any other reliable sites, hopefully someone else can help you xxx
  • Hi Linzi, long time no see!
    I've just had a look at the website and that made it look like it was back in action but when you ask to purchase a reading it comes up with a paypal message that says that the merchandiser is unable to accept payments so it looks like it was cancelled.
    I asked for a readingin may, got a message asking what I wanted it to be centred around and then got a refund with no explanation. Pity as some of the girls got such accurate and very nice readings.
  • i got one of these that was spot on in march however the lady that did mine 'sam' her part of the site no longer works and the other lady i have heard is not very good! x
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