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Yayyyyyy!!!! I'm pregnant!!!!!

After all the "is there a line or not" drama this weekend I did a CB this morning.....


soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!! I got my Christmas bean image

Baby dust to everyone!!!! xx


  • Congratulations!! xx

    Still using my FR and did another one this morning lol! Got another faint pink line so may hold off on the CB until a few more days if I can.

    I know I'm pregnant as I have a pink line I just need to see it in words!

    have a happy & healthy nine months - and maybe see you in due in August forum xx
  • omg!!! yay! massive congrats!! how exciting
    baby dust this way please!!!
    and symptoms!
  • ooo yea I will def see ya in the August forum ccbmommy!!!

    Thanks smudgesmith, to be honest I have/had no symptoms at all!! I was convinced we hadn't done it this month, the odd twinges in my tummy (and could all have been because I was eating to much!) also had some yellowy CM this past week or so, O I did have a really bad dizzy spell on Friday, everything went bright and I couldn't hear properly, thought I was going to collapse, it was very scary! But no spotting, no sickness or sore boobs, I'm still in shock actually how little symptoms I have!

    So any SS out there that can't find any symptoms, don't lose hope!!!!

  • Congratulations, that's great news!!!.x.
  • Congratulations Hunni xxxx
  • Congrats. That is amazing news. Am sure you will have a very happy xmas
    Have a happy and healthy nine months
  • Congratulations!!!
  • congratulations Hunni, have a happy, healthy 9 months! xx
  • Already said congrats on YAYW but wanted to say a MASSIVE congrats again, am really pleased for you and your hubs.
    Exciting times ahead xxx
  • CONGRATS!!!!!! X X X

  • Aw Huni thats amazing news, what a fantastic Xmas pressie. When I put up my 1st post a couple of weeks ago you were the 1st person to reply and you seemed so lovely. Really pleased for you
  • Congrats Huni!

    I'm in due in July, but docs gave my EDD as 1st Aug - so I shall flit between the 2 - so I'll see you in there!

    well done!


  • Congrats Huni

  • Thanks girls! See you in the due in August forum chocolatemuffin!

    The nerves are kicking in now, so scared it won't be a sticky bean

  • Congratulations Huni!
    Best wishes for the next 8 months image
  • ah congratulations, how exciting!x
  • hey huni congrats!! i neva had any symtoms either xcept itchy boobs lol is tht euen a symptom! c u in due in aug. *sticky babydust* x x x
  • congratualtions x
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