TMI but had to tell someone!!

Hey girls,

Sorry for TMI but I just got great news and wanted to announce it someone!! My DH has had numerous sperm counts done over the last couple of years and always had a very low count - this was due to an injury he had as a teenager. Anyway we were told by doctors recently that although we could ttc ourselves it was unlikely to be successful and we would need help, probably ICSI. However, he did another count last week and his count has gone up from 5 million (very low) to 22 million!!!! Wohoo!!! 22 million is actually considered to be in the 'normal' range, I am just SO excited and happy imageimageimage It looks like our bding has got a very good chance of working now, it's just the best news I have had in ages. Anyone else out there whose DH or OH has a similar problem then I'm happy to let you know the things we did to help improve the count!!!

Sorry for the ramble and the graphic info, just very happy :\)



  • That is FAB news trixie! You must be so so happy!
  • Thanks Broody!! I really am so happy, I'm just bouncing around! I'm working from home today so I'm here all on my own and I just want to be able to hug someone or pounce on my DH...thank god I have you ladies to tell or I would drive myself crazy!!!.x.
  • aw thats fab news image my brother had a low sperm count for years ...... his partner and him made a few of the recommended changes and now they have two daughters and one son image they conceived soon after each baby too image good luck hun heres to more positive bd'ing image xx dena
  • hi hun, just wanted to say thats fab news for you both, well done and get b'ding!!!
    take care xxx
  • Congrats! What did u do to increase his sperm count then? xx
  • Hey Trixie, that's great news- my dh is going for his count next monday- we have been ttc for 14 mths- so he is gonna see how his swimmers perform- just for my fyi- what did you do to increase his count? thanks and baby dust to you!!
  • Ah thanks girls, BE really is an amazing place - it's so good being able to share this stuff : )

    BabyDancer - we did a few things to help. Some were more obvious like wearing loose boxers and cooling that area with cold water twice a day to make sure the temperature stayed low (high temp down there decreases count a lot). He also took some supplements which included vit a, b,c, d and e, zinc, pumpkin seed powder and tomato powder among others - all of these are meant to help with the count. We started using a water filter as I read that this can help too as some of the things found in tap water can cause issues. He also visited a chinese doctor and started taking herbs everyday (it makes a really disgusting tea, but worth it if it has helped!) and he has been having acupuncture once a week. So, a combination of things, whether it was one of them or all them we won't know, but whatever it was I'm very happy : ) .x.
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