Blood tests today

Hi ladies,

I've been off the pill since March and still haven't had a period, not even any signs of one starting and I'm really fed up so on the doc's instruction I'm off to get bloods taken later today. They're going to check hormone levels etc and do a general well being check, could just be that pill is taking forever to get out my system or there could be some other reason, I'm a little nervous but best to find out I suppose. Have to wait 3 weeks to get the results as the dr is then on holiday but hopefully it doesn't show anything and we can start properly ttc rather than just bd'ing at random times, although it is fun :lol:

Sorry girls, pointless post I know but just needed to offload to someone :\)


  • good luck mummyb2b! let us no how u get on xxxxx
  • Good luck mummyB2B, hope everything goes well for you. I stopped the pill in October and didn't have a period until January then missed a month had a period, missed one and now on 35 day cycle. The pill can really screw you up!!
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