The rollercoaster of ttc!

Following a similar post on her a few days ago, I found out yesterday that my 21yr old cousin who was due to get married in Sept 2011 has found out that she is 10weeks pregnant. I know I sholud be pleased for her but as soon as I heard the news I broke down into floods of tears!!! Just felt that it wasnt fair as they dont want a baby yet and are somewhat shocked and yet hubby and I ( and all you lovely ladies on here) are desperate to get our bfps and are trying everything to ensure that it happens each month!!!!


  • aw i no its hard and i no its hard to be happy for someone when you wnt a baby so much but you never know it could be the best thing for them

    i would feel the same as you tho

    my hubby and i werent trying when i fell with our son,werent married then either and has just got back together after a 2 month split BUT it was the best thing ever to happen for us both and apart from another child i couldnt wish for anything more

    chin up chick xxx
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