Ahh!! i've just taken a superdrug test and a FRER test and both have came up with faint lines!! Does faint lines mean positive??

The superdrug one is darker and you can barely see the FR one but they are definately there!! Going to try upload some pics to show incase my eyes are decieving me!

I am 10 dpo and had some pink spotting (Implantation?) yesterday, AF is due in 2 days so i thought i'd pick up some tests when i was out shopping...

Will need to test again tomorrow with FMU to see what comes up!! Should i show hubby when he comes in or not???!!!!



  • As far as I know hun a line is a line so I will whisper congratulations. See if you can get some pics up for us to have a look at but personally I would be showing OH but I tell him every time I test anyway!! xx
  • hey mrs

    a lines a line, it will be faint as your af is not past yet but yeah would say you have a bun cooking if there is any sort of second line. congratulations x
  • Hiya hun. A line is a line in my book - and no matter how faint it is showing a positive reading. Post some pics....I personally wont be testing until a few days after AF is due as much as it will pain me as my cycle has been messed up before, and my DH was so disappointed. So I wont be showing / telling DH until I have a very clear positive reading..sorry for the rambling. Tell your hubby he will be over the moon!!! xx
  • i will whisper a congratulations as the girls say a lines a line. my symptoms are very similar to yours i hope its a good sign for me hun. can i ask did you af type cramps yesterday.xxx
  • Thanks girls, i am going to show hubby when he gets in, see what he thinks!!

    The lines are definately there more so on the Superdrug test which i believe is more sensitive...

    angel100 i did have slight cramping yesterday kind of like AF coming but light and quite low down.

    Getting more of a strange tight/pulling feeling across my lower stomach today and feel a wee bit sick but I think that's because of the results of the tests!!! lol.


  • aww hun, im so pleased for you, yu said you had a feeling this month.

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