Isn't It Funny....

...that when you were younger you were so paranoid about getting pregnant through unprotected sex (I know I was) but when you actually start TTC you suddenyly find out that actually it's not that easy. If I had known that could only get pregnant from unprotected sex at only a few days a month I would soooooooo have been having more of it (not sure about everyone else but I hate using condoms). Ahhhh just a thought that I thought I would share.xxxxx


  • yes! i had this discussion with hubs last night! everyone says, it only takes the one time blah blah blah, and how many times have me and hubs had unprotected sex and we still arnt preg!? lol.
  • Ha ha must be the month for that conversation coz I also had it with my hubby although his response was well you do just need 1 just at the right moment - gotta love his positivity image
  • Same conversation with my friend last night!

    Hubby and I wasted a good few ????'s on the morning after pill... why does no one tell you! x
  • Gahd Vass it's also the embarressment of having to go in and ask for it. I went in once last year and felt the need to say over and over again 'well my husband' this and my husband that. But the lady was so horrible and talked to me like i was a silly little girl (i was 27). Although to be fair i feel like that buying pregnancy tests as well. I must've had it programmed into me when i was young eh?xxx
  • Ps.if i ever have teenage girls i will be telling them that it just takes once
  • Ha ha very true about the teenage daughter. Probably the reason why no one tells you.

    I'm the same, felt like I'd done something really bad and irresponsible... unprotected sex with my husband. Scandal!!
  • Gah - this theory annoys me all the time. I feel like I have been cheated out of important information. I took the pill from 17 and the morning after pill twice before I was 19 (not because we hadn't been careful but purely out of sheer anxiety!) I remember the woman saying 'what day of your cycle are you on because the chance of you actually getting pregnant is very slim,' and I was like 'UH, whatever!' She was right! Why don't they tell you it is actually really hard and might take a while. I swear when a friend asks me or gets married I will give them a heads up!
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