FAO Moomin22

Hey Hun

Sorry I didnt get chance to email you last night, how did you get on?

My evening didnt quite go to plan me and OH had abit of a falling out and well didnt get chance to BD :\( HOWEVER I have done a test again this morning and there as strong as ever is another dark 2nd line....is this right though????

How you feeling today? :\)

Lou xxxx


  • Hi Lou,

    That's ok, my evening was slightly unusual as well. OH drank a large bottle of apple juice and then had explosive diarrhea about an hour and a half later (just before coming to bed) to say getting in the mood was a struggle would be a HUGE understatement!
    I'm sorry you had a falling out with yours, is all ok now?
    I sometimes have two positive days in a rown on OPK's you usually ovulate between 12-48 hours after LH Surge and I think the egg is good for another 12 hours or so, I would say your're fine, go for it tonight! (if you think a row is brewing make sure you BD FIRST!!!!)

  • Hey hun....oh lord that doesnt sound good bab....is he feeling better now? Yeah all is fine now thing of it was it was over something so stupid but by the time we had finished being stupid and stuborn we were both so tired we just couldnt manage it lol....I havent told him about the position today as I think it maybe putting more pressure on him.
    But definitely going to have him this evening lol xxxxx
  • I think you're right about the pressure, maybe best to say nothing.
    He was feeling better straight after, but our bathroom isn't very soundproof and as I lay there in my saucy get up, it has to be said I wasn't feeling quite the sexy minx that I was hoping to! (needed that extra squirt of preseed in the end!!!)
    Going to have another bash at it tonight, might get the candles out and have a bit or Barry White tinkling away in the background!image
  • ha ha fair play.....we havent had chance to use the ole pre-seed yet but thinking I may just give it a go this evening and she if it helps cant hurt can it?? But yeah I told him about the BFP yesterday and even though he seemed excited I think it does add that bit more pressure on there, so going to keep quiet today...but tired or not I am getting on it tonight lol xxxxxxx
  • I must admit, I don't find the preseed bad at all, in fact I don't really notice it too much, it is a bit of a passion killer putting it in, I always do while OH is out of the way though!
    Whereabouts in the country are you Lou?
  • Yeah I saw that when we were ordering it that it came with applicators and I said that I dont think I could use it that way....so I have get the one that you administer like any other normal lube lol.

    Shropshire hun, you? xxxxx
  • Oxfordshire hun.

    Is this your second month TTC I couldn't remember?
  • Yeah hun Month 2 for us....when are you going to be testing then bab? xxx
  • Really don't want to test early this month, AF due 24th, might try and wait until then. Am a bit worried as I have done another OPK just now and still positive, if I don't ovulate until tomorrow then my luteal phase will only be 11 days, hope this is going to be long enough image
  • I am sure it will be hun, just keep bd'ing with barry white in the background singing and jobs a good un lol. It will be fine hun I have got a good feeling about you this month image

    AF due on the 29th for me so I am not far behind you xxxxx
  • Haha! At first I read, Keep bd'ing with Barry White haha! OOOKKKAAAY!
    Thank you for being positive for me, I need it!
    When do you think you will test?
    I am going to be on holiday when AF is due (with friends who are expecting) so could be a real down if it's another BFN.
  • HA HA well if that works for you lol

    Its o.k hun thats what we are all here for.....going to try and hold off until the 30th August that way I am day late if the dreaded witch doesnt show her face.
    Oooooo where are you going anywhere nice? I am sure its your turn this month....here you can have my PMA for this month image
    I am just emailing you hun also xxxx
  • Have replied to you lovely!
  • Oky doky I shall have a look see when I get home tonight huni pops....just took another OV test and got a + again so looks good for both of us sweetie image xxxxxx
  • I hope so, although I have REALLY bad trapped wind this afternoon (shame!) this is going to be the sexiest TTC EVER!!!
  • OMG you make me laugh with OH and his apple juice experience last night and now you with your trapped wind my lord between you you could set off a hot air balloon lol....bless you....get bazzer on and OH wont hear if you sneak one out whilst getting down and freaky lol xxxx
  • I know, we are quite the sexiest newlyweds EVER!
    Good for you and your + OPK, did you do it at work? I have been sneaking to the loos to do them!!!
  • he he yeah I have been grabbing a cup from the water machine in main reception and then going to the ladies and doing the deed lol xxxx
  • Hey hun

    Hows you today, how did you get on last night? no apple juice mishaps I hope image

    lou xxxx
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