loosing PMA.... feeling sad

i woke up this morning with the worst flu of my life. Literally. My face looked like i'd been punched in each eye and i couldnt breathe. Thank god my hubby was off today, i would have been so lost without him. I have gotten a bit better and he's running me a bath (love him so much) but i have a horrid feeling my AF is on her way too (3-4 days till i know for sure but it could be sooner).
but my nipples are HUGE and tender... and my boobies are like 4x the size (hubbie likes that but i am too ill for BD).

I will be so annoyed if i am ill and then get AF image too much for one week.

And my beautiful friend is due to give birth tomorrow (crosses fingers for on time baby!) but i am so jealous, it hurts so much.

I might go wallow in self pity in my bath.

As an added urghhhhh i couldnt take any medicine in my medicine cabinet as its not for pregnant ladies and i might be 2 weeks... but i didnt wanna risk it image poor hubby was like 'why not' and i said 'because i dont want my baby (if) to have problems because i had the sniffles. Oh dear me.

Sorry this is HUGE, I just feel crud.


  • Argh BE ate my reply.

    I said sorry to hear your feeling ill and crap hun sending you a big hug.

    Hope you get your BFP sounds promising with the sore and huge (.)(.) lol xx
  • aww rosemary thats rubbish image sorry to hear you're unwell hope you're better soon! i think you're allowed paracetamol if you're pregnant (though best to check first) i know you're not allowed ibuprofen.
    i'm suddenly finding a few cycle buddies today - i'm testing on friday if af doesn't get me first so fingers crossed for both of us! i'm sure a bfp will knock that flu out of you!
  • Hiya Rosemary - sorry to hear your feeling unwell, try not to lose hope yet though (easier said than done, i know!) heres hoping we'll be posting our BFP soon xxx
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